10 Easy Ways to Save & Make Money

5 Ways to Make Money

About a year ago, I shared 5 Easy Ways I’m Making Money This Year, with a follow-up article about 5 Easy Ways I’ve Saving Money This Year. I’m still on maternity leave, enjoying these first weeks at home with our baby, so I thought I’d share these two articles again. I’ll be expanding upon these lists soon as I am always looking for more simple ways to save and earn. For now, I thought you’d enjoy the recap.

The premise is simple. There really are easy ways to save – and make – money. It may take a bit of time and creativity but there are all ways we can save. Read through these articles and let me know what you think. Do you have any ideas to add to the 5 Easy Ways I’m Making Money This Year? Or how about to add to the 5 Easy Ways I’m Saving Money This Year? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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  1. Lots of good ideas. I am glad I read through both articles. A couple of things I am doing to save money this year is to make sure that I use up leftovers or freeze them. I am trying not to let them go to waste. I have a picky teenage boy who doesn’t eat leftovers, but I can use leftover pieces of meat in crust less quiches or use it for filling for some kind of bun, turnover or stuffed bread. I started making my own hamburger buns last year, and haven’t bought a roll since. They have been popular with company too.

    I also keep a container in my freezer to put little pices of leftover meat or veggies. When it is full I throw it into a pot for veggie soup. You will never get the same kind twice!

    Finally I recently read that grated cheese is measured by fluid ounces, therefore volume, while solid cheese is measured by weight. While 8oz of grated cheese and 8 oz brick cheese sound like they or the same, it is really comparing apples to oranges, because the measurement is to different things. Grating your own cheese will definitely be cheaper.

    1. Great points, Gwyn! I’m trying to do better with our leftovers, too. For me, this means freezing things before they sit in the fridge too long so I can eat them at a later date. I’ve seen that idea about veggie soup but haven’t tried it…yet. I grate my own cheese because not only is it cheaper but I don’t have to worry about the extra preservatives.

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