10 Simple Ideas for a Snow Day

Simple Snow Day Ideas - Here's a list of simple things anyone can do to make the most of a surprise snow day.

I spent most of my childhood in San Antonio, Texas. You may be shocked to hear this but we didn’t have snow days there! I can remember only two ice days in my entire schooling career and that was all. Imagine my delight when my first teaching call took me to Milford, Ohio, where I fully discovered the joy of a surprise snow day. After 5 years and countless snow days in Ohio, I moved to Fort Wayne, Indiana, where the snow days continued. As a teacher, I have this to say about snow days. They are truly a gift and come most often, when you least expect it.

After staying home for the recent blizzard like conditions yielding 10 plus inches of snow and bitterly cold winds reaching chilling temperatures of -40 degrees, I thought I’d share some of my favorite things to do on a snow day. All of these ideas are simple ones that any adult / parent / child will enjoy.

  1. Sleep in. Turn off the alarm and sleep until you are ready to get up. Granted, the adults enjoy more from this than young school children, but it’s a great start to any snow day.
  2. Stay in your pajamas. There is no rush to dress and hurry out the door. Be comfortable and cozy for the day.
  3. Drink hot chocolate. This is a necessity on any snow day. If you don’t have instant mix on hand, you can easily make a quick batch of frugal chocolate syrup for a delicious hot chocolate that will be enjoyed by all.
  4. Play in the snow! Build a snowman! Make a snow angel! Go play!
  5. Eat chili or hot soup for lunch. I like this recipe.
  6. Make homemade bread or a batch of homemade cookies. Your children (and / or husband) will love you for this one!
  7. Curl up under a blanket with a good book as you watch the beautiful snow fall out your window.
  8. Watch a movie. This is a special treat for most of us to do in the middle of a day during the middle of a week.
  9. Accomplish a project that you’ve been wanting to do. Clean out a cupboard. Make a photo book. Organize a drawer or two. Cross something off your to-do list.
  10. Make snow ice cream. Paula Deen’s recipe is my favorite because you just need snow, sweetened condensed milk and vanilla. Plus, it tastes delicious!

There are ten simple snow day ideas for you but here’s the most important one of all. Ready? Do whatever you want to do! It’s a snow day! This frees you from all your regular commitments and obligations. There is no right or wrong way to spend a snow day. Simply enjoy it for the gift that it is!

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  1. Happy to read this post! Mother of 12, all grown, veteran of many snow days: yes, a snow day’s a gift, for me, now, too! Consultant for ENJO in Syracuse NY, glad to meet you, as it were…

    1. Nice to meet you, too, Lucinda! Snow days are wonderful – at all stages of our life! Enjoy the next one…whenever it comes!

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