10 Ways I Saved in April

Here is a list of 10 ways I saved in April. How did you save this past month?

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I really can’t believe it is the end of April. Spring break and Easter seem so long ago already. That’s okay because May brings the anticipation of summer vacation! Even though I still spent money, I saved in quite a few ways this past month. It makes the bills easier to pay when you know you are paying less. I share these lists to help you think of all the different ways you might have saved this month. Please share with us in the comments! Here are 10 ways that I saved in April.

1. I redeemed some of the birthday freebies I received. Over the course of two weeks, I enjoyed a free snack size boneless wings at Buffalo Wild Wings, a free one scoop sundae at Culvers, a free appetizer of Idaho nachos at Granite City, and a free drink at Starbucks. I also got $3 to spend at CVS which was nice. I never made it for some of the other birthday freebies since my birthday was on Easter this year.

2. I chatted with my web hosting service for my blog to reduce my bill. My hosting bill was up for renewal but had increased in cost again this year. By asking, I was able to reduce my monthly hosting fee by $5. I went ahead and paid for 2 years at this price to lock in the savings. That quick chat will save me $120 over the course of the next 2 years!

3. I used a coupon code to save $75 on my new blogging class. Yes, you read that correctly. I joined the Elite Blog Academy. I’m working on continuing to create great content and grow this humble blog of mine. I am learning so much already! I look forward to seeing what the future holds for Joyfully Thriving!

4. I used a gift card at Meijer and redeemed Mperk rewards to keep my grocery bill low. I had discovered the $10 gift card in my wallet and used it to keep our grocery budget lower this month. I also used another $10 in Mperks rewards that I earned. The $20 in “free” groceries helped keep my budget lower this month.

5. I purchased generic products when grocery shopping. A lot of times, I buy name brand products and use my coupons. This month, I was able to get generic canned vegetables at Meijer for only $3/1. I stockpiled and bought 2 cases of vegetables for our pantry at this price.

6. I watched some shows on Netflix. We don’t subscribe to cable and are on a Netflix family plan with my siblings. We are completely unused to watching shows with commercials now!

7. We checked out the latest season of Downton Abbey from the library and watched it over a long weekend. Now we’re all caught up and have to wait for the 6th and final season to air. I’m so happy that Anna and Bates are back together! They need some happiness after all they’ve been through.

8. I borrowed my book for book club from the library. I enjoyed listening to the audio of Call the Midwife (and the rest of the series). I love my library! Can you tell? It’s a great way to save. Plus, I’m at a point in life where audio books are easier for me to get through than actual books. I’ve still managed to read / listen to 20 books so far this year. It’s under my pre-baby reading numbers but not bad, considering.

9. I used some credits to place another order on Schoola. Have you shopped at Schoola yet? I’ve recently discovered this site and have enjoyed another frugal way to shop online. It was nice to pick out some more clothes for Nathan and myself for free, thanks to referral credits, too. I also shopped when there was a free shipping promotion so saved even more that way.

10. I requested – and received – a refund on Amazon for a drop in sale price. Did you know that can request a refund on Amazon for a drop in price? I had purchased several books on sale and then the price dropped further. By quickly asking, I received the difference in sale price back! I’ll share step by step instructions for how to do this soon because this is something good to know.

There you have it! Those are a couple of the ways I saved in April. How did you save this month?

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  1. It is always fun to hear how you saved each month. I love the library too! I like the convenience of reserving books online. One way we have been saving money this month is by not going out for ice cream. (We love ice cream!) Instead we just bought a half gallon when it was on sale for less than half the price we would have spent at the ice cream shop, plus we can have it multiple times. 🙂 It’s something little, but things like that add up fast.

    1. Thanks, Emily. Libraries are amazing. I reserve our books online, too. The only disappointment is that here I can only hold 5 books at a time. Where I used to live in Ohio, it was unlimited. Still, they send me reminders 3 days before books are due so I can renew online if I need to. That has saved me a lot of money in fines, I’m sure! Good for you on finding ways to save on ice cream. Every little bit of savings adds up!

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