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It’s a new month and time for a new frugal book review. A college friend recently emailed me asking for some encouragement as her family transitions to living on one income. This is a frequent and honest challenge for many families, especially for Lutheran church workers. Therefore, this book review is for you, Anne, and for all the others with the hopes and desires to live on one income.

As I mentioned in last month’s review, Ellie Kay is one of my favorite Christian financial writers. She has a wonderful way of sharing what she’s learned and lived while providing encouragement for those of us in the midst of these challenges. This month’s review focuses on another book by her –1/2 Price Living.

Ellie begins the book by reminding us, “The dreams God dreams for us are better than the dreams we dream for ourselves. The key is to do what’s best for your family in your situation and in your timing.” (p. 18) The desire to be a stay-at home Mom is one that many women feel but many also feel it is out of their reach. It can be overwhelming and that is why this book is a good one to read.

Where does one begin? To begin with, the decision to stay at home must be one with which both the husband and wife agree. As Ellie says, “The decision to stay at home needs to be a mutual one. There needs to be support on both sides to find success and fulfillment living on one income.” (p. 32) That is indeed true. Before my husband and I married, we had these discussions. We believe it is very important for our (someday) children to have a stay at home parent. We are thankful to our mothers who made this decision to stay at home and raise us. For this reason and many others, I enjoyed reading a book that showed how it is indeed possible to stay at home and live on one income.

One of Ellie’s most important tidbits is that when staying at home, as in anything, “Having a plan helps. Having no plan hurts.” (p. 44) That is the reason and purpose behind this book. That is the reason this book is helpful – for those currently staying at home, for those who want to stay at home and for those who are pondering the possibility of staying at home.

½ Price Living begins with Ellie’s seven steps to being a stay at home Mom. These steps (see below) are discussed in greater deal in the book.

  1. What is your current income?
  2. What are your current monthly expenses?
  3. What are your current assets?
  4. What are your current liabilities?
  5. Determine your projected “one income.”
  6. Determine goal expenses.
  7. Determine variable savings factors.

Ellie also devotes chapters to layering the savings in both the grocery store and other areas of shopping, as well as how to grow your nest egg and save while staying at home. Each chapter concludes with practical and easy to implement tips. This book has a wide variety of content that is sure to interest and educate.

If you are ready to consider how to make the most of your life while living on one income, read ½ Price Living today. Check it out from the library, or add a copy to your bookshelves as I myself did. I’ll include a permanent link on my Amazon sidebar, if you’d like to see what deals you can find there.

As you consider how to live contentedly on one income, I hope that this book by Ellie provides you the same encouragement it does me.

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