25 Things About Me…Again

Today is my 31st birthday. We are celebrating by enjoying our Spring Break trip to Florida.  Since it’s my birthday, I thought I’d tell you a bit more about myself – that you may or may not know. Last year, I wrote a list of 25 things about me and followed it up with 25 more things about me. Many blogs have a list of 100 things about them so I’m slowly working up to that. Here’s the latest additions to my list.

  1. The Pioneer Woman (aka Ree Drummond) is my new cooking inspiration.
  2. Edie at Life in Grace is my Lutheran blogging inspiration.
  3. Money Saving Mom (aka Crystal Paine) is my frugal inspiration
  4. I have a fascination with wreaths. I love looking at them, making them, and displaying them.
  5. I had a childhood dream of being an Olympic gymnast…despite the fact that I can’t even turn a cartwheel.
  6. I love to cook and bake. Anything. I do.
  7. I like watching Dancing with the Stars because I wish I could dance like that.
  8. One of my favorites author is Lori Wick. It’s too hard to pick only one, but she’s at the top of the list.
  9. I cry at the Hallmark commercials just as much as I do at the Hallmark movies.
  10. I recently rediscovered how much I like to eat cauliflower.
  11. I fulfilled my lifelong dream of seeing a musical on Broadway when I saw Mary Poppins this summer.
  12. Now, I want to see more musicals on Broadway. Many more.
  13. My love languages are words of affirmation, followed closely by physical touch.
  14. Dusting is my least favorite chore.
  15. I prefer cheesecake over actual cake.
  16. If I do eat cake, I do so for the frosting. Isn’t that the real reason to eat cake? Give me a homemade chocolate frosting, cream cheese frosting or a good butter cream and I will happily eat cake!
  17. I am very ticklish.
  18. Listening to people with accents makes me smile.
  19. I do not talk with an accent which surprises some people when they found out that I grew up in Texas.
  20. So far, I have been to four foreign countries – Canada, Mexico, China and Japan.
  21. In the future, I would like to travel to more foreign countries like England, Germany, Brasil, and Italy.
  22. Actually, I would travel almost anywhere because I love to travel.
  23. I am not always so great with directions so I am thankful that my husband is amazing with directions.
  24. I recently appeared in a commercial promoting our Lutheran Schools. It was quite the experience, and has been fun to be recognized by people who have seen my commercial.
  25. I have big plans for my 31st year of life – but that seems to be true every year!

There you have it. Now you know 75 things about me. Did you learn something new? 🙂

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    1. Thanks, Angela! It was a wonderful day. Thank YOU for reading all the money saving tips I share! 🙂

  1. Happy birthday! I agree on the cake, and you have a gymnast body, so you could still make that one happen. :0)

    1. Do you think? Maybe someday, but for now, I’ll keep enjoying the frosting on my cake and stay active in other ways to work off those calories! 🙂

  2. Happy Birthday Kristen! I hope you have a wonderful birthday and an even better year. In addition to your love of reading, we also have #9, #15 and #23 in common! Thanks so much for sharing your savings ideas and your life with us again this year.

    1. Thanks, Barb! Wouldn’t you know that I had cheesecake to celebrate my birthday this year? There’s still a couple slices that are in the fridge that I’d love to share….if you were a bit closer! 🙂 Thank you for continuing to faithfully read and share with me this year!

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