2nd Trimester with Baby Number 3

Since I’m 21 weeks pregnant now, and past the halfway point already, I thought it was time for a second trimester update on life around our house.

Once again, my pregnancy has been a smooth one. I had a bit more nauseous during the first trimester than I remember with the first two but that could be chalked up to the stress of moving and having two little ones who are 3 and 1 already. I do have more smell aversions this pregnancy. First trimester was especially rough for those. The only one that still really gets me is the smell of pork. I just can’t handle it right now.

I feel like I’ve gotten bigger even faster this time around but I guess that is to be expected? My wonderful doctor says everything is measuring right on track and all the ultrasounds look good. I love my doctor for so many reasons, including how much he loves listening to the baby’s heartbeat with me.

I have my energy back this trimester although I still find myself napping more quiet times than not. I really want to get things done when the kids are napping but Andy says the baby wants me to nap. Isn’t he thoughtful? I am trying to figure out how to keep checking things off my to-do list even if it is a slower pace. Being half way through the pregnancy has me starting to think ahead to all the things I want to accomplish yet before the baby arrives in March.

Cravings? I have longed for a cherry limeade more than once but since there is no Sonic for over 40 miles, I’ve done without. I looked for a Sonic the entire drive to Nebraska last weekend and we didn’t pass a single one. Sigh. I have also really wanted queso so have gotten Moe’s queso a couple times and it tastes so good – every single time.

We were surprised and delighted to find out that this baby is another girl! I’ve guessed wrong every single time but Andy is always right. Ha. Both kids are excited about the baby. We are all excited and would be whether it was a boy or a girl. It does help the planner in me to know that the baby is a girl, but we still have no idea on a name. Picking a name when you and your husband are teachers makes it a difficult process. We both tend to rule out names for student associations so it will take us some time yet, I think.

Some of my big projects are finishing up our 2017 family scrapbook before baby arrives. I also want to have her pregnancy photo album up to date before she arrives. Other than that, I have started stockpiling diapers again. A friend from church just gave us several bags of size 1 diapers that her baby outgrew so I am moving onto size 2 and 3 now. I’m glad Nathan is potty trained so I don’t have to have more than 2 in diapers at a time!

I’ve been trying to savor these moments with Nathan and Emma who are growing up so quickly! They had fun trick or treating as a fireman and ladybug for Halloween. Yay for garage sale finds ($0.50 for the ladybug costume this summer) and dress up clothes (the fireman). That made it easy for me…once I found where I had packed the costumes from our move! We were amazed at how quickly Emma caught on to what was happening. She loved going up to the doors with her brother and getting candy. Her thank you was always clear so that was good.

We also just returned from a quick weekend trip to Nebraska for my sister-in-law’s wedding. Once again, the kids were amazing travelers. We left after Andy taught school on Thursday and arrived at my brother-in-law’s house around 2am, Nebraska time. The kids spent hours dancing at the reception and were the source of entertainment for many. They traveled so well, too. I am so thankful my kids are used to being in the car and doing these long road trips. I just hope we can train the baby to be as good of a traveler!

Now, we’re looking ahead to having all of my husband’s siblings and their spouses home for Thanksgiving. We are doing a joint hosting since my in-laws are still living here for a couple more months yet. My mother-in-law and I did get the menus for Thanksgiving week planned out so I can start watching for sales and deals as I shop.

I’m also thinking ahead to Christmas because we get to host Christmas for my husband’s family, his extended family and his faculty so we have 3 big events to host…including all the other usual Christmas festivities. I need to start making my homemade buckeyes sooner rather than later!

This is a busy time of year – for us and everyone else! I will be back next week with some ideas for how to simplify our holidays. As for you, what is new with you? Any advice for me as we prepare to transition from two to three?

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