$32 Shopping Trips

My grocery shopping is slowing down lately. The bargains are still happening but there are a couple reasons for this.

  1. I’m 36 weeks pregnant and tired.
  2. Our extra freezer broke (and we decided to wait to replace it) so my freezer space for bargains is limited to our regular freezer. And that’s already full!
  3. My husband’s in the middle of another intense 2 weeks of basketball tournaments. With him not being home for dinner most nights, Nathan and I eat eclectically (and frugally) from the pantry and freezer.
  4. Did I mention I’m tired? 🙂

I still have plans to do a big stock-up shopping trip soon but for now, my little trips are what is happening around here.

Nathan and I meandered through the aisles of our local Save-a-Lot the other day. I had forgotten to buy whipping cream for the buckeye cake I wanted to make for Valentine’s Day. While we were there, we picked up a couple other good deals.

Save-a-Lot - 2/12/16 - $11.61

Whipping cream was $2.29 and worth the price for our delicious buckeye cake! Sour cream was $1.29. Beans were $0.59 each and hot sauce was only $0.99. Pretzels were $0.79 and shortening was $3.89.

At Save-a-Lot, I spent $11.61. We also shopped next door at the bulk food store afterwards but didn’t buy anything. Just stayed out of the cold and killed some time walking around.

I had a piano lesson cancel due to sickness so while Nathan was at my mother-in-laws, I quickly ran into Kroger that afternoon. Kroger was crazy busy that afternoon but I managed to find almost everything on my list in stock and picked up quite a few freebies!

Kroger - 2/16/16 - $20.65

Let’s start with the free things, because that’s always the most exciting, isn’t it? The 6 pack of Snickers almond bars was free, thanks to a recent Friday freebie. The Wheat Thin crackers and Nestle chocolate chips were also free, thanks to digital coupons Kroger sent me. The Snuggle fabric softener sheets were also free, thanks to a laundry promotion.

The laundry promotion might have been my favorite deal of the week! All detergent was on sale for $2.99, and when you bought 2 containers of All, you got a free container of Snuggle. Always one to make the most of it, I stumbled upon new super concentrated All Free & Clear that has 44 loads in each bottle. Plus, I had a $1.25/1 store coupon and a $1/1 insert coupon on All. That took my price down to $1.87 a bottle – and I STILL got free Snuggle fabric sheets! This is why I don’t yet make my own laundry detergent. When I can find bargains this good, why should I? 🙂

I picked up 6 items as part of Kroger’s mega deals and stacked them all with coupons. The cereal was $0.99 a box. The Belvita biscuits were $1.99 a box. Have you tried these? They are all good but the new cranberry orange are my favorite! And the Dove chocolate cherries ended up being $1.50 a bag. They are not as good as the Brookside chocolates but still a delicious chocolate treat.

Finally, I used digital coupons for some other good deals. Milk was $1.89 a gallon. Tortilla chips were $0.80 each, after I used a $0.40/1 coupon. Applesauce was $2.19 because I just realized my digital coupon didn’t come off this time. Oh well. Still a decent price for the way we go through applesauce! Old Spice deodorant was $1.49 after sales and a $1/1 digital coupon.

At Kroger, I spent $20.65 – and saved $34.46. This prints my total for the week to $32.36. That brings my total for February to $61.82.

I’m over halfway through the month and only a quarter of a way through my budget! That’s rare for that to happen. It’s helped that we’ve been eating from our freezer and pantry this month to keep things low. How about you? Did you shop a lot or a little this week?

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  1. I think at 36 weeks, you should be granted as big a shopping pass as you want! 🙂

    We love the BelVita biscuits too – our favorites are the cinnamon and the cranberry-orange – but have never gotten them at quite that low of a price. I do wish we had Kroger in our area!

    We don’t need very much in the way of groceries this week since our small freezer is full of meat and chicken that I found on sale the last couple of weeks. We only need some fresh fruits & veggies, so should come in well under the usual spending.

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