5 Great Music CDs for Preschoolers

If you are looking for quality, Christian music for your preschoolers, check out these cds for songs that kids and moms will enjoy! These are perfect for at home or in preschool.

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I’m a music teacher and an early childhood teacher. Since I am both, I use a lot of music in my classroom. I have dozens upon dozens of music cds that I have collected over the past ten years of teaching. I use a song or two from many of the cds, but there are certain cds that I keep returning to, year after year. These cds are the ones my preschoolers love – and the ones that I love, too. I love that these cds get my children singing! Rather than listening them all, here are five of my favorite cds to use with preschoolers. Whether you are a teacher or mom or grandma of a preschooler, you will enjoy listening to and singing along with these cds and so will your young children!

Six Little Ducks by Kimbo Music is a cd with many classic children’s songs on it. This is a great cd to introduce children to songs such as “Old MacDonald,” “You Are My Sunshine,” “Skinnamarink,” and “The Wheels on the Bus.” My preschoolers also really enjoyed singing the silly song, “On Top of Spaghetti.” I enjoyed it because it was sung as an echo song, which makes it easy for the teachers to remember – and children to sing.

Hide ’em In Your Heart by Steve Green is a series of scripture verses set to song. I had these cassettes when I was growing up, and upgraded to cds when I began teaching. I like these cds because they are word for word scripture verses set to music – with the scripture reference included. The songs are well written so that before very long, parents and children will be singing these Bible verses. I often sing “Do not worry” to myself from this cd. There are two volumes of this cd, and I recommend them both! Amazon is currently selling them as a 2 for 1 deal, so look for that.

This cd is relatively unknown, but another one of my childhood favorites. Late Last Night by Joe Scruggs is a lively cd enjoyed by younger and older kids alike. “Wiggle in my Toe” and the “Turn Around Game” are favorites of my preschoolers and Kindergarteners when we have inside recess. Of course, “Late Last Night” is the all-time favorite as we pretend to put on different shoes throughout the song. It’s lots of fun!

Do you Go Fish? No, not the game, but the music group, Go Fish! If you don’t, get to know them. Go Fish is the group with kids music that won’t drive Moms crazy! Plus, they sing mostly Accapella. A Christian group, I have a couple of their cds and enjoy all the ones I have. If you’re looking for a good introduction, Party Like a Preschooler by Go Fish is the perfect place to start. Their twist on the “Itsy Bitsy Spider” is a great one. You can check this song out on Youtube with this clever Go Fish video.

God is Great Arison

Finally, the God is Great series by Arison rounds out my list. Arison is another Christian group that children of all ages will enjoy. I first heard that a teacher’s conference in Ohio years ago and promptly purchased their first cd – God is Great. Now, there are four volumes in this series and they are all very good! If you are wondering with which volumes to start, I own and like them all. Volume one is still my favorite and their latest, volume 4, is a close second. You can listen to the songs on their website.

There you have it! Those are my favorite music cds to use with my preschoolers. Of course, I’ve used these cds with Kindergarteners and students in the lower grades as well. What are your favorite cds to use with preschoolers?

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  1. I didn’t know you were a music teacher! I really like Go Fish. I didn’t know they had kid songs! Going to snag those. We also really like Seeds Family Worship. Scripture set to music that is kid-friendly, but not too “kiddish” 🙂 Thanks for the recommendations!

    1. Yes, I was Janeen! I taught music for 8 of my 11 teaching years…in addition to whatever else I was teaching at the time. I taught at small Lutheran schools (100 kids or so) so we all had multiple responsibilities. I loved teaching music, but now I love just using the music at home with Nathan! Enjoy Go Fish. They’re so much fun! I’ve listened to Seeds Family, but need to pick some of those up, too.

  2. That’s weird. Your links didn’t come through Feedly until I got to Go Fish. They’re fine on the website though. You know we love good music in our house! Thanks for the recommendations.

    1. It’s a new rule from Amazon, because I’m not allowed to share links via email or readers. I’m thinking of leaving the affiliate program because it’s annoying to me that I can’t do this. Until then, that’s why my links don’t all appear in feedly. I hope you (and Lena) enjoy some new music!

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