6 Ways I Saved in October

6 Ways I Saved in October - Here are some little ways and one big way that I saved this month!

I never cease to be amazed at the many different ways I find myself saving over the course of the month. I found some great grocery deals this month, redeemed a free gift offer and made a phone call that saved me a couple hundred dollars! Here are some of the ways I saved in October.

I ordered free Shutterfly Christmas labels – with free shipping – thanks to Pampers Gifts to Grow. It was a free gift since I had entered diaper codes 3 months in a row. Want to know my trick? I save my diaper codes on my dresser and enter one a month so I can get these bonus free gifts. This is my second year doing this, as I claimed all 12 months of codes (with 4 bonus gifts) last year. I love getting freebies like this!

I canceled a follow-up doctor’s appointment. Please know that I didn’t do this lightly! I had some prenatal blood work come back with elevated platelet levels and my ob wanted me to see a hematologist as a precaution. I met with the hematologist and he said it was just a result of pregnancy with nothing to be concerned about but drew another blood sample just to be sure. That blood tests showed my platelets were back down to a normal level so I canceled the next appointment for another blood draw. I did talk to the hematologist before doing this and explained that we have a high-deductible plan. Since I would be responsible for all the costs right now, I didn’t want to pay another couple hundred dollars for another blood test that wasn’t truly needed. The doctor agreed that everything looked fine so I canceled the appointment. I figure this was probably a savings of a couple hundred dollars since we are responsible for 100% of our bills until we reach our family deductible for the year.

I restocked my stockpile of hand soap with 6 bottles for $0.33 each. It had been a long time since I found a deal this good on hand soap because my soap shelves were empty. I love when I can stack coupons and sales to save money like this! Plus, I can and will make the soap last even longer by making it into foaming hand soap. It’s so simple and makes one bottle of soap last five times as long.

We had a game night with new friends. We went over to their house after their kids were in bed. Andy’s mom graciously watched Nathan for us, so we had free baby-sitting. Yay for Grandma! We played board games that we both owned and snacked on chips and homemade salsa. It was fun to have an evening out with no expense!

I listened to free Influence Summit videos online. Michael Hyatt was sponsoring this great event and it was available for 10 days at the beginning of the month. I enjoyed listening to several hour hour interviews with Dave Ramsey, Crystal Paine, Bob Goff and Pat Flynn, to name a few. I learned a lot – for free!

I bought lots of apples at $0.59/lb. For three glorious weeks, Meijer had apples on sale for $0.59/lb. I probably bought 35 pounds of apples over those weeks. We still have a drawer full to eat and I made 9 apple pie kits with the rest. My husband loves apple pies and I love that I can make them ahead of time and freeze the parts. Now, I can make a homemade apple pie in a matter of minutes!

What did you do to save this past month?


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