7 Ways I Saved in May

7 Ways I Saved in May - Here's a list of different ways I saved this month. It's amazing how the little things add up each month!

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The end of May is quickly approaching. As I looked back over the past month, I was once again amazed at the different ways I saved in May. I share these posts as a reminder that saving money can look different for all of us, but little savings all add up! Here are 7 ways I saved in May.

1. I entered my receipts on Checkout 51 every week to get extra savings on my grocery bill. I really like the ‘choose your own’ offers on fresh produce every week. Remember, you don’t need a smartphone to use coupon apps!

2. I had a one week pantry challenge. While my husband was in Washington DC with his 8th graders, I took it as an opportunity to limit my grocery shopping and eat from the pantry. Nathan and I were able to finish up several boxes from the pantry and several meals from the freezer as well.

3.  We opened our windows in the morning. It’s been cool enough yet that we’ve been able to open our windows and let the house cool off from the breeze. We have run our air conditioner a couple times but we’re trying to open the windows as much as is comfortable.

4. I used coupons and redeemed Mperks offers when I went grocery shopping. Thanks to stacking a couple deals with Meijer Mperks and digital coupons, I was able to pick up several packages of diapers for only $1 each. Meijer has a done a lot of work with their digital program and has many money saving incentives available. If you’re not already a member of Mperks, I highly encourage you to join!

5. I cut Nathan’s hair. This was the first time I successfully cut my 14 month old’s hair. He had his first haircut by a professional a couple months ago. I attempted a minor trim last month and it didn’t go well. This time, I watched a couple You tube videos first and everything went much smoother. This short video about cutting baby boy’s hair was especially helpful! It also helped that I had bought this trimmer set on sale from Amazon. Even though I only used the scissors and comb this time, I know I’ll get my money’s worth out of this set in the future.

6. I salvaged produce that was past its prime. I had bought a couple 5 pound bags of potatoes for a $1 and 3 pound bags of onions at the same price. Left in our cool, dark basement, I discovered them sprouting – quite a bit! Rather than throwing them away, I peeled the potatoes and cut off all the growth. They made delicious mashed potatoes. I also diced up the remaining onions and froze them in onion bundles. Finally, I peeled some oranges that were starting to go bad and made them into smoothie kits for the freezer. Even though the produce wasn’t perfect, everything still got eaten!

7. I participated in another BzzAgent campaign. I really do love BzzAgent and the completely free products I get from them. Last month, I got to try several free Kroger brand products as part of a campaign. This month, I got another box that centered on barbecue contained free chips, ketchup, jalapeno chips and barbecue glaze. It also has several free product coupons that I get to redeem at my local Kroger. You don’t have to be a blogger to participate in BzzAgent! Read more about the BzzAgent program and how to join here.

Those are some ways that I saved this month. How did you save in May? And do you cut your children’s hair? I’ll happily accept any pointers!

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  1. Thanks for sharing the link to cutting baby boy’s hair. Caleb’s hair is starting to get a little wild, and I’m thinking about attempting to trim it. We’ll see how that goes!

    1. Fair warning, the first time is the trickiest! My first trim didn’t go so well. Thankfully, you can blame it on the baby wiggles! 🙂 Good luck, Emily, and let me know how it turns out!

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