A Big Shopping Trip to Meijer

I finally made a big shopping trip again this week to Meijer! Here’s a confession of mine. Since I knew I had so much wiggle room in my budget, I made a list but added several spontaneous purchases as Nathan and I walked the aisles of Meijer. They were all things we will need in the coming weeks, of course. Here’s what we bought at Meijer.

Meijer - 2/23/16 - $75.19

I started by using 4 free product coupons for 12 packs of Diet Coke / Coke. I received the coupons from a Christmas deal at My Coke Rewards. For some reason, I later noticed the coupons didn’t deduct the full amount but I don’t mind paying $0.15 per 12 pack. Some things aren’t worth the fuss. And I know the Diet Coke will come in handy once I’m in the sleepless newborn days, especially since I don’t drink coffee!

I bought a gallon of milk for Nathan ($2.19) and a half gallon for us ($1.45). I also bought a jug of distilled water ($0.89) for company after the baby. We have hard water in our small town, even with a good water softener!

I took advantage of several diaper Mperks deals. I bought Nathan some more diapers. I bought Huggies for $7.97 and used a $2/1 Mperks coupon. I also bought Luvs for $6.99 and used a $1/1 Mperks coupon. I had a $3 Mperks baby reward that took another $1.50 off each set of diapers, so I paid $4.47 for the Huggies and $4.49 for the Luvs. I don’t want to worry about shopping for diapers for awhile! I also bought 3 packages of wipes for $1.09 each, thanks to sales, Mperks coupons and a printable coupon.

I stocked up on toiletries for the coming months – deodorant for my husband and contact solution for myself. I had $1/1 coupons for the deodorant but nothing for the contact solution. It’s rare to find a sale and / or coupon on hard contact solution! Oh well. I also wanted to buy us some more Emergen-C. We’ve been trying to drink that this winter (my teacher husband especially) as an extra vitamin boost. The name brand was $9.99 but the store brand was $7.99 – and was buy 1, get 1 free! Can you guess which one I bought? We’ll give the Meijer brand a try because I saved $2 and doubled the amount of packets I purchased!

I planned way ahead and let Nathan pick out the mixes for his birthday cake (at the end of March). It will be simple but I’m planning ahead as much as I am able. He picked yellow cake (over chocolate) and chocolate icing. Yes, I bought store bought icing this time around. I’m keeping things as simple as I can for the next couple months! Oh, and all of the Duncan Hines products were on sale this week, which was another good reason to buy them now.

I bought a couple bananas ($0.54/lb) and apples ($0.99/lb). I also bought a 5 pound bag of potatoes for $2.69. Canned peaches were on sale for $1 and I bought a package of already diced peaches for $2. Yes, they are a bit pricier but it makes lunch quick for Nathan when I need it to be!

I restocked our fridge with cottage cheese ($2.89) and string cheese ($6.69). Neither were on sale but we needed them both. I also bought pickles ($2.99), corn tortillas ($1.69) and beef broth ($1.99). The broth is to make minestrone soon, because that sounded good in the store.

My last good deal was on Nutella. It was on sale for $3 but I remembered that I had a Mperks coupon for $1.50/1. It is a yummy treat – and at $1.50 a jar, worth the splurge!

At Meijer, I spent $75.19. It brings my total for February to $137.01. Since I have $100 left still in my monthly budget (I told you my shopping was light this month), I’m going to try to get another big trip in over the weekend or early next week.

Did you find any good deals this week?

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  1. I haven’t lived in Michigan for over 20 years, but I still miss Meijer. It is such an awesome place! I can still remember doing those kids scavenger hunts there when we were kids. Glad you were able to find some deals even though things were a little slow deals-wise.

    1. Thanks, Derek! I have learned to love Meijer in the years that I’ve lived up North. The deals were much better this week, and that is always nice. I haven’t heard of the scavenger hunts, but the penny pony rides are still available!

  2. I always choose Duncan Hines when I have to buy cake mixes and they are on sale. When my son had to eat dairy free they were the ones to buy. I appreciated one item I didn’t have to make homemade at birthday time!

    1. Agreed! I made a homemade cake last year, but Andy actually requested that I use a store bought cake mix this time. Ha. They do have a different texture than homemade ones! And Duncan Hines does make a good cake. 🙂

  3. Meijer is our primary store for groceries. We’ve had some good deals lately but not as many as usual. It seems that at times they have a lull in the amount and the quality of their mPerks deals. Which is fine, probably, because instead of stocking up we use some of our stock, until they get through the down time and start offering better deals again.

    I’ve also noticed that the coupons in the Sunday paper are horrible nowadays compared to what they used to. Hopefully that turns around soon as well!

    1. Meijer is a great store – and it looks like they should have some good deals next week again! And I agree. Mperks deals fluctuate. I don’t buy the Sunday paper anymore, due to the lack of good coupons. Between printable coupons and digital ones, I do much better using those and save myself the cost of a newspaper subscription!

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