A New Christian, Easter Book for Children

I know it’s still Lent but I just ordered and received this new Easter book for Nathan. I want to share it with you now in case you are interested in ordering a copy for your child’s Easter basket!

You see, I’ve always wanted to write a book. It’s on my “someday” dream list. Even though I haven’t written a book yet, I’m always delighted when someone I know writes and publishes a book. Jamie, an acquaintance of mine from college years at Concordia, Seward, just published a delightful new children’s book!

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Jamie is trained as a DCE (Director of Christian Education) and has served at St. John’s Lutheran Church in Alaska (yes, Alaska!) since our graduation in 2004. As all of those in church work know, it is important to teach theologically correct, Bible based truths, to our littlest ones. Jamie did that with a unique twist in this new Easter book called Wiggles’s Easter Journey.

Wiggles’s Easter Journey is told through the eyes of an Easter Bunny (named Wiggles) who follows Jesus through Holy Week. It starts with the Palm Sunday procession, then Jesus’ arrest and crucifixion. Most importantly, it ends with Jesus resurrection on Easter morning, and the Biblical mandate to go tell others, “Jesus is not here! He is risen!” The book with one more page tying in the colors of the Easter eggs as a way to remember Jesus life, death and resurrection.

One of the other things I really liked about this book is that each page ends with a question from Wiggles. “Where do you think Jesus went?” and “What do you think the angel told me?” are two of the questions posed for the children to answer. I love interactive books the encourage participation like this.

Whether you “do” the Easter bunny or not in your home, Wiggles’s Easter Journey would be a great book to add to your collection. It can be hard to find quality, Bible based, Easter literature, outside of what CPH publishes. I look forward to reading this book to Nathan this Easter – and for many Easters to come.

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