Advice to All Couponers at Checkout

Advice to All Couponers at Checkout

Dear Lady Who Stood Two Ahead of Me at Kroger,

You had a full cart of groceries…and so did I. You had lots of coupons…and so did I. That’s where the similarities stop because your checkout dragged on while mine went smoothly and quickly.

I realize that even for the best of couponers, things don’t always go as we plan. I’ve been there myself which is why I try to always be patient. My patience was tested as your checkout seemed particularly full of problems.

Noticing that, I’d like to give you some helpful suggestions for next time.

Please organize your coupons. When you get up the register, have a neat stack ready for the cashier. Keep your coupons in an envelope or keep them with your list, but please keep them together.

Don’t reach across while the cashier is scanning and mess up their piles. You got the coupons out of order several times so that he had to rescan coupons, as he tried to figure out which ones he had already scanned.

Most importantly, please, read your coupons! It’s good to use coupons but look at all the size restrictions BEFORE you get to the checkout. The proper place to do so is before you put the grocery item in the cart, NOT at the checkout.

Also, if you notice that it specifies not to use it on a certain size, don’t! Don’t try to get away with it. Not only is this illegal, but it gives all the other honest couponers a bad name. If you keep doing this, we’re all going to see coupon policies change – for the worse.

If you follow these basic coupon ettiquette rules, your checkout will go much smoother and quicker. I promise. You’ll still be saving money and all the people behind you won’t have to change lanes. Plus, I won’t be waiting so long to see how much I saved!

Thank you very much.

Sincerely, The Couponer Waiting in Line Behind You

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