Beginning of June Shopping

I started my June with 2 shopping trips.

The kids and I stopped by Kroger to pick up some free Lays Stax. Yes, free! There was a digital coupon for $1/1 that could be used 5 times. I loaded it to my card and then, the chips went on sale for $1! I bought 5 containers for free.

Those are perfect for summer travels and picnics! Here’s what else I bought at Kroger.

Kroger - 6/1/16 - $12.13

Cream cheese was actually on sale for $1 again! Yay. Never one to do things lightly, I bought 5 packages. Cottage cheese was also $1 and is a staple for Nathan. Oikos Greek yogurt happened to be on sale for $3.99 so I bought a container. I also bought a container of Simply Lemonade for $2 as a summer treat for us!

At Kroger, I spent $12.13 and saved 49%.

We also shopped at Meijer this week. I fall more and more in love with Meijer each week. I love their prices and I love that I can get whatever I need while I’m grocery shopping. With 2 kids, it’s much easier to buy diapers and clothes and toiletries while we’re already at the store doing our food shopping. Nathan needed more shorts and a summer hat so we found them – all on sale – at Meijer. Here’s the summer hat he picked. He was so excited about it!

Nathan in Elmo Hat at Meijer

Then, we shopped the 10 for $10 with the 11th free sale and picked up just 11 items. Thankfully, everything was in stock this week. Nathan was very happy to see me restock waffles for our freezer.

Pork and beans (which we used for a baked beans dish) were on sale for $0.39. It was advertised in the flyer but they were still ringing up at $0.94. Thankfully, I was watching and caught that mistake! That’s a big difference.

The cashier made another mistake when she only scanned 2 of my 3 pairs of shorts. Unfortunately, I didn’t noticed until I was home. I needed to be honest (even though it wasn’t my mistake) so we went back to Meijer the next day. It wasn’t on my list of things to do, but the clerk was thankful – and surprised – by my honestly. He gave me 40% off the shorts as a thank you. That was nice! All the shorts were on sale and the other pairs were 30% off, on top of that.

I also bought two more packages of diapers. I used a $3/1 digital coupon on the Pampers and a $2/1 paper coupon on the Huggies. I also had a $3 Mperks reward which went towards my purchases. I had a $10 Meijer gift card which went towards the hat and 3 pairs of shorts.


At Meijer, I spent $35.65.

Oh! I had a quick stop at Dollar General the other day to pick up tylenol for Emma after her 2 month old shots. That cost $2.94.

My June total is $50.72 of my $240 monthly budget. Not a bad start to my June! Did you find any great deals this week?

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  1. Honestly is always the best policy! It was nice of the clerk to give you a discount for bringing them back and being honest! I haven’t done in shopping this month so far and probably wont do much shopping other than bread. We are pretty stocked up on things with my end of May shopping trip. I am trying to be more diligent and eat what we have and watch what we spend. We have a weekend trip coming up to take our daughter to UA for college orientation so I am trying to use up all our perishables by then and restock after that trip. Love Nathan’s hat btw!!

    1. Skipping shopping is a great way to keep your budget low, especially when you don’t really need to shop! Enjoy the college orientation trip, and thanks. Nathan loves his hat, too! 🙂

  2. Good that you were honest. What goes around comes around, I say. Just the other day I was at Home Depot and bought a couple of tomato cages, and she rang me up for only one. I knew what my total ought to have been ,so I told her. I didn’t get a discount for my honestly though 🙂

    1. Good for you, too! Honesty is (sadly) becoming a lost trait in some. I want my children to learn honesty, so I know I have to model it.

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