Busy March Happenings

How is that certain months are so much busier than others? For us, that is this March. Let’s start with my husband’s schedule – since it directly impacts Nathan and myself.

Andy’s basketball team, at St. Paul’s Lutheran, won state again this year in a buzzer beater final game, the first weekend of the month. That means he and the team head to Nationals for all the Lutheran Grade Schools in the United States at Valpo this week. Andy and the team leave Thursday so they arrive in time for opening ceremonies. Games are Friday through Sunday. Nathan and I will head up to join them on Friday morning, since I still have to teach on Thursday. Andy’s team won Nationals last year, but I was very pregnant and stayed home to watch the games online. In fact, Andy came straight from their win in Valpo to meet me at the hospital to welcome our little baby! Basketball fills a lot of our time this March.

St. Paul's Lutheran Bears Win State 2015

My teaching schedule has continued as normal. My K-1 students sang in Sunday worship the other week, and my 4-8 graders sing in Lenten worship tomorrow evening. Handbells played last week for Lenten worship. In the midst of all this, we’re getting ready for our K-8 musical presentation of “Cool in the Furnace.” I’ve been trying to get all the classes and actors ready for our musical which is the last Friday in March. It’s also the last day of school before Spring Break, so we will all be ready for that. Music fills a lot of my time this March.

Andy and I have both been busy with accreditations this month. In the Lutheran system, our schools go through a very thorough accreditation process every 5 years. St. Paul’s went through their accreditation visit just last week. As you read this, I am actually already on my way to Ossian, Indiana, where I am serving as a captain for an accreditation visit to one of our Lutheran preschools. It’s the first time I’ve been captain for a team, so I’ve been doing quite a bit of prep work at home, reading self-studies and preparing reports, to make sure I do my job well. Today and tomorrow, I’ll spend 2 long days in Ossian with 3 other early childhood teachers. We’ll be observing the preschool and preparing an official report as to whether they are recommended for accreditation by the NLSA (National Lutheran Schools Accreditation). It’s a lot of work but worthwhile. Obviously, accreditation has filled a lot of time for us this March.

In the midst of all this, we are getting ready to Nathan’s 1st birthday party next Saturday. We are excited that 2 of his Whirrett Aunts and Uncles, and 3 of his Barz Aunts and Uncles will be able to attend the party. We aren’t planning to do parties every year but his 1st birthday seemed like a good occasion to celebrate. We’re having fun planning and preparing. I’m trying to do baking and other preparations as much in advance as I can. Thank goodness for extra freezers! Birthdays are taking time for us this March – and will every March, now that Nathan is here!

Nathan's likes to watch Basketball!

Then, there are still the day to day necessities that must be done. Laundry. Grocery shopping. Dishes. Cleaning. Playing. Cuddles. Books. Piano lessons. Wednesday Lenten church. Sunday church. Add in our annual tax appointment and financial planning meeting, plus trips to Menards to pick out new flooring and counter tops, that will hopefully be installed soon. Whew. It’s been a good month but a busy one so far.

How is your March going along? Are you as busy as we are?

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  1. We are also busy in March. We celebrated ds1’s birthday and will also celebrate ds3’s birthday since it is on Maundy Thursday this year. Ds1 is supposed to have his first birthday party with friends. I am also doing extra baking for all these celebrations. Ds1 is doing standardized testing this week so we leave the house at 7:30am. Track season began with practices and one meet in March. Lent suppers/church and regular activities too. I thought life slowed down after Easter, but it keeps going until June! Enjoy your activities, especially his first birthday! Take lots of pictures!

    1. Thanks, and you enjoy all the birthday celebrations, too! There are times when busy is good and this is one of those times. Like you, I’m doing extra baking but that is one task I never mind!

  2. Wow! You are busy! March is a busy time for us, too. Swimming championships are in March. We survived divisionals and now we just have to make it through states. I am looking forward to the end of March when we can eat dinner at a normal time again. 🙂 Safe travels to you and your family this weekend!

    1. Swimming championships? Good luck! Have fun cheering on your son! Family dinner at a normal time sounds wonderful – and something to look forward to indeed!

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