Catching Up & Several Meijer Trips

Hello, everyone. Once again, I’ve decided to tweak this grocery post. I experimented with sharing monthly about our groceries but heard from many of you that you didn’t care for it. I didn’t either. There was too much to remember and sharing weekly helps keep me on track, budget wise.

I know some people don’t care for the grocery posts and if you want to skip over them, that’s fine. However, I am going to attempt to be more concise on my grocery deals so I can also share a personal glimpse into our week. I love writing in depth content but there is a part of me that misses the old (ha) days of blogging.

This is my attempt to merge the two. So, I’m going to keep sharing my grocery trips in pictures but if you want to find out what our family is up to, be sure to check in on these posts as well!

My husband and I both took trips to Meijer this week. Andy bought chicken, chicken wings and more chicken. He’s eating a South Beach diet right now so is eating lots of meat! Andy’s trip rang in at $17.22.

Highlights of my Meijer trip include…

  • Ghiradelli baking chips – Free from a $3 baking catalina
  • Totinos pizza – $0.65 each after sale and coupon
  • Paqui tortilla chips – $1.49 plus $2 earned through Ibotta and Mobisave
  • $3 Mperks off total order

At Meijer, I spent $16.07. I bought more things than Andy for almost the same price. Not that we’re comparing! 😉 Be sure to notice Nathan’s grumpy face because lunch wasn’t ready as soon as we walked in the door from shopping.

Meijer - 10/9/16

Oh! I also went last weekend to Meijer for the 2 day sale. I bought 13 more pounds of apples ($0.49/lb), 7 cans of peaches ($0.69 each), 18 eggs ($0.98) and 4 pounds of butter ($1.98 each). I spent $21.82 because those deals were too good to pass up!

We took a quick trip to Target, to use some gift cards, coupons and a cartwheel coupon. I bought 288 diapers for $14.10 after all was said and done. Plus, I got a $15 gift card back so really, the diapers were free.

My Kroger shopping trip was my favorite shopping trip of the week. I found lots of good deals!

Kroger Shopping Trip - 10/9/16

Kroger highlights include…

  • 3 packages gourmet pasta – $0.77 marked down
  • Milk – $1.89
  • 9 pounds Tyson chicken breasts – $1.56/lb after sale and $3/$15 meat coupon
  • Bush hummus – Friday Freebie coupon
  • Bush beans – $1 but made $1 on Checkout 51 from purchasing
  • M&Ms – $0.25 after digital coupon
  • Dove chocolate covered cherries – $1 after digital coupon
  • Dannon yogurts – $0.29 each and made $0.50 with Ibotta
  • Nutella – $0.49 after sale and coupon
  • Belvita – Friday Freebie coupon

I was super excited for free Orange and Cranberry Belvita. And quite excited about the cheap chocolate, too! At Kroger, I spent $22.77 and saved 65%.

This week, I spent $91.98. My total for October is now $160.90 which leaves me with $80 to spend this month. My grocery budget seems to be disappearing faster than usual lately. Any one else feel this way?

In addition to shopping trips (which both the kids love), we’ve had a busy week. It amazes me how quickly the days fill up. My in-laws were gone on a trip this week so both kids accompanied me to piano lessons and did great! They even came back to church as I played for a Bible Study for adults with disabilities. Nathan only tried to play the piano once while I was playing.

We are on the letter G for Gingerbread Men this week in our simple homeschool preschool, coming off F for Fairy Tales. Nathan has been loving all these stories and the variations of them! He also loves gluing right now and all sorts of projects. The other morning, we went through all the projects I had planned and I had to print more because he kept asking. I did the cutting but he did all the gluing. Here’s what our table looked like after project time.

Nathan's gluing projects

I’m amazed that my 2.5 year old boy sits as well as he does to listen to stories and do projects! Emma jabbers away and watches us. She rolls everywhere and scoots backward. She still loves to smile at everyone but likes it most when I’m the one holding her. I’m cherishing the snuggles while they last.

What have you been up to this week in your homes? Any big projects that you’ve been working on? 🙂

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