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This started out as a serious post and then I had one of those crazy days that all of you moms (especially you moms of little ones) know well.

The day started out uneventfully. Sure, the kids didn’t sleep great the night before but oh well. I had big plans for our day today. Soon, the day started to unwind before it had barely started.

I won’t go into lots of detail but there was screaming, whining, fussiness – and sadly, not all of it was from the kids. By nap time, I was worn out. I was tired of asking Nathan to clean up his toys and not push your baby sister. I was tired of holding Emma every moment and trying to accomplish chores one handed. I was tired of trying to balance the demands on my time. I was simply tired.

But then I reminded myself of this simple but powerful truth. Even when I’m tired, I can choose to be joyful!

It’s not always easy but I’ve learned that when I am the most tired and overwhelmed is exactly when I need to make this choice. As 1 Thessalonians 5:16 says, “Be joyful always.” 

I may be spending my days doing mundane tasks but I can do them with a joyful heart. I want my children to see that I truly am glad to be home with them…even on the hard days. That’s how I want them to remember their mother. That’s why I am choosing joy. 

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I was excited when Cents of Style shared their Fashion Story Friday with me – and this line of inspirational story shirts. How perfect is it to have a shirt that reminds me to choose joy? There are some other great shirts in this story line. Life is beautiful is my other favorite.

For now, though, I am wearing my new Choose Joy shirt and reminding myself to do exactly that.

When toys are strewn across the floor and clean-up is taking forever, chose joy.

When both kids are whining and needing my attention, choose joy.

When nap time is not happening as it should (sigh), choose joy.

When the list of chores feels too long and you’re not accomplishing what you expected today, chose joy.

Chose joy, and then go about your day with a joyful heart.

Because sometimes, that is exactly what makes the difference. 

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Which inspirational shirt is your favorite? And what reminder do you need?

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