Christmas Vacation

It’s CHRISTmas vacation! I’ve made it through 83 days of this, my eighth year of teaching. Whew!

I welcomed a new student and wrapped up our lessons with my old students. I directed the CHRISTmas service and organized our piano recital. I made ornaments for my third graders as well as my piano students. I wrote my lesson plans for our return in January and cleaned up my classroom. Now, it’s time for vacation!

I have lots of plan for this vacation. I know the next 12 days will pass by all too quickly.

I have gifts to wrap and shopping to do. I have CHRISTmas cards to send and thank yous to write. I have more cookies to bake, friends to visit, church to attend, and family to see. I have parties to attend and parties to host. There are books to be read and sleep to be caught up on. Of course, there’s a date night with my husband in the plans, too!

So, for that reason, I’m taking a bit of vacation from this website, too. I love sharing with you but I’m not going to post regularly over the next week or so. I’m going to use this break to truly refresh and renew me. I need it.

This is the first time my husband and I have been in our own home on CHRISTmas Day. We’re looking forward to spending the time with his family this year, after the last two years with my family. I want to cherish all of these moments.

I hope that your CHRISTmas time with your own family – wherever you are – is truly one full of joy!

May our hearts be filled with awe as we rejoice in the birth of our newborn Savior!

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