Coupons, Part 3

Coupon Collections

You now have a coupon box. You now have some coupons filed in your box. Yet, you might be thinking that your selection looks pretty slim. There are several ways to add to your coupons.

The first way to add to your coupon collection is to print coupons. It has become a common practice in the coupon world. Most, if not all major stores now accept Internet coupons.

The first time you print coupons, you will be prompted to install a coupon printer. It only takes a moment and will allow you to print coupons easily in the future. You can specify your printer to print in grayscale or black and white so as not to use colored ink. This is perfectly acceptable. I often print on the back of scrap printer paper; so as to save paper and recycle what I have on hand.

Where do you find printable Internet coupons? The two most commonly used sites are and Red Plum. You can access both of these from my website, as I have placed them in tabs at the top for your convenience. Both of these sites change their coupons monthly. Please be aware that Internet coupons often limit 2 prints per computer. Both and Red Plum will ask for your zip code to match coupons to your area. Simply click on the coupons as you scan through them. When you are all finished, click print and your coupons will print for you to clip and file. Viola! More coupons to add to your coupon collection!

The second way to add to your coupon collection is to go online and add coupons to your loyalty card. If you are a person who tends to have trouble keeping track of coupons or lists, this is an especially good option for you! If you have a Kroger (or affiliate) near you, check this out today. Kroger now allows you to add electronic coupons to your loyalty card directly at their website. Meijer does the same with their Mperks program. When I scan coupons, I tend to load them all to my card, as I never know if I will see a good deal in the store. Why not, when it only takes a click to do so? As with printable coupons, these coupons change monthly so it is good to check back and add new coupons.

Spend some time today checking out printable coupons and adding Internet coupons to your card. The first time you visit these sites, it takes a minute to register, but go ahead and do so. The coupon savings await you! Next time, we’ll finish our series with how to pull this all together and use your coupons to save money.

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