Cut Your Grocery Bill in Half Review

A couple of years ago, I read a book about America’s Cheapest Family. While I don’t know that they are truly America’s Cheapest Family (how does one judge that?), it was interesting to read about Steve and Annette Economides raising their 5 children on a salary of $35,000. Steve worked, Annette stayed home, and they even managed to pay off their mortgage in 9 years. That’s impressive!

For this reason, I was curious to read Steve and Annette’s newest book specifically written about their grocery habits. True to my expectations, Cut Your Grocery Bill in Half was a thought-provoking read.

The main premise of this book, I would say, is that the less you shop – the more you save. In the Ecconomides family, shopping is done once a month, with an occasional trip for restocking perishables. Their practice makes sense. Besides, why stock up if you never use what you have on hand?

One of the more interesting points of the book was the reminder that coupons are a choice. Sometimes they save you money, and sometimes they don’t (because you can buy generics or other deals without coupons). I think that is true – and worth remembering. Yes, I use coupons, but there are times when I don’t and take a “couponing break.”

I liked Steve and Annette’s take on once-a-month cooking. I stock things in my freezer, but this book has reminded me the benefits of doing more cooking ahead. This is a great frugal technique.

I think what I appreciate most is the fact that Steve and Annette are writing from their life and family experience. To me, this makes them a reliable and trustworthy source. I always enjoy learning what others do. It’s one of the reasons I keep reading frugal books. I want to improve on my frugality – and there is so much to learn from others.

All in all, there is a wealth of information to be discovered as you aim to Cut Your Grocery Bill in Half .


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