Easy Kitchen Bingo

Looking for a fun kitchen idea? Print this free kitchen bingo game and have fun trying different things in the kitchen! It’s an easy kitchen idea to do with kids, too. 

It’s going to be a different summer this year with so many things closed still. I don’t know about you but all of our travel plans have been cancelled. The friends’ college reunion. A cousins’ wedding. Even the extended family reunion. We’re disappointed but understand that this is just what this summer will bring.

Instead of regretting it all, I am determined to make the most of it. I started looking for easy and free ideas we could do around the house. I wanted us to do some different things that the kids would enjoy too. We’ve already been home together for 2 months. We need some different activities to get us through the next 2 months.

The kids and I started by making our summer bucket lists. We printed off our summer bucket checklist and talked through what we wanted to do. You can print off a free copy of my summer bucket list here. It has a lot of free and easy summer ideas on it.

After that, the kids wanted to create their own bucket lists. This year, my 6 year old decided to write his list instead of drawing pictures. This blank summer bucket list has plenty of space for pictures or words. Nathan and Emma immediately hung their bucket lists on our refrigerator.

After the kids finished their bucket lists, I decided that I wanted to make my own list. I wanted something easy and fun to do this summer – for all of us! I love to bake and the kids love to bake with me. This is how I came up with the idea to make a kitchen bingo for us to do. I kept it simple so anyone can play kitchen bingo!

I focused on a lot of different baking ideas with a couple cooking projects too. The ideas don’t require fancy ingredients and most can be completed with things you already have in your pantry. I included a couple different variations of new recipes to try. Even with simple ideas like “bake brownies” or “bake a pie”, you can use a tried and true recipe or try a new one. And homemade ice cream? Did you know there are lots of recipes that don’t require an ice cream maker? My kids are super excited about making their own ice cream…and eating snacks (appetizers) for dinner.

Once I made my list of baking ideas, I created a couple different kitchen bingo boards and turned them into free printables for you to use, too! There are three different versions of kitchen bingo available. You will find the download link to each pdf file below the bingo pictures.

You can download a pdf file of the colored background kitchen bingo here. 

If you don’t have a color printer (like me), I made a simpler bingo board on a white background. This prints nicely in grey too. Nathan wanted me to add the pictures. He told me the words “Kitchen Bingo” looked lonely and needed spoons beside them.

You can download a pdf file of the white background kitchen bingo here. 

If you want to customize your kitchen bingo more, I created a bingo board with some blank squares so you can fill in some of the squares yourself. Have a favorite food blogger? Add one of her recipes to your board. Have kids? Ask them for food ideas. Have a recipe you’ve been wanting to make for a long time? Now is the time to add that recipe to your kitchen bingo!

I included some of the basics on this kitchen bingo board and left 6 blank squares for you to fill in.

You can download a pdf file of the kitchen bingo with blank squares here.

I have to say that I am really excited about this idea! If you are looking for something free and fun to do at home, print a kitchen bingo board and play along. Let’s all have some frugal fun in our kitchens!

If you end up using kitchen bingo, feel free to tag me on Instagram (@kmwhirrett) or on Facebook (@joyfullythriving). I’d love to see what you make in your kitchen!

I’m most excited about baking some new recipes with my kids. What are you most excited to bake?

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