End of April Grocery Shopping

Are you ready for this grocery confession? It’s been a week of confessions for me! This time, I’m confessing that I shopped without a grocery list. Nathan decided he was ready to start potty training (woo-hoo!) so we stayed close to home all week. He’s done a great job and caught on super quickly. Whew. That said, I ran out to Meijer quickly on Sunday while Andy was home. I really dislike shopping on Sundays when the stores are so busy but I picked up a couple bargains as I wandered the aisles quickly without a list.

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We needed more milk ($2.59 a gallon) and I refilled 4 water jugs ($0.39 each). Bananas seem to be a weekly purchase for the kids. I was excited to see zucchini on sale for $0.99/lb. I bought almost 3 pounds and we’ve been enjoying it this week.

I bought 2 pounds of rice for $1.79 and a jar of pickles for $3.29. The string cheese was on sale for $3 for my husband’s lunches.

Finally, I bought 5 boxes of crackers and got a dollar off all of them as part of the Meijer weekly promo. Goldfish were $0.99, Graham crackers were $1.99 and the Club crackers were $1.69.

I did pick up some more Easter eggs since they were 70% off. 12 plastic eggs for $0.30? They will provide Nathan and Emma with hours of entertainment! I also found some Lego people and a dozen white cardboard eggs to decorate for $1.19 each. Good bargains, but they are not coming out of my grocery budget. Just wanted to share the fun deals!

At Meijer, I spent $27.12 on these groceries. 

Later, we took a family trip to Aldi where I bought more produce for the week. Aldi might become a regular stop for their produce deals! Here’s what I bought.

Cauliflower was $1.99 and the broccoli crowns were $1.29. Grapes were $1.98 for 2 pounds. Green peppers were 3 for $1.29. Fresh asparagus was $1.89/lb. 3 pounds of rice was $1.29 ($0.50 cheaper than the 2 pounds I bought at Meijer). I’m set on rice for awhile!

Pepperoni was $2.19 a bag and summer sausage was $3.79 a pound. The cheese cubes were $1.29. Oh! And the blueberry applesauce was $1.49 – a treat for Nathan at a good price.

At Aldi, I spent $21.97, with which I was very pleased.

My total for the week was $49.09. My total for April was $256.27 – just under my $260 monthly budget. I always like when I finish the month full of good deals and on budget. It doesn’t always happen but it’s nice when it does!

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If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments. Oh, and do tell. How did your grocery shopping go in April?

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  1. Produce is THE reason to shop at Aldi’s! Their prices and selection are fantastic! Did you know they also replace and refund if you are dissatisfied for any reason? Love Aldi’s!

    1. Yes! Love the produce prices. I just wish they were open earlier, especially after I drove across town to our new Aldi and arrived a half hour before they opened! Sigh. No Aldi shopping this week, but I am definitely going to work it into my rotation of stores.

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