Happy 1st Birthday, Nathan!

How can it? How can my baby be turning one already? Everyone warned me how quickly time would pass and it is true. One year ago today, we welcomed Nathan Reagan into our family. God is good. Today, we are celebrating the first year of Nathan’s life. Here is a collage of his monthly pictures so you, too, can see how much he’s grown!

Nathan's 12 Month Collage

He’s grown so much! Nathan’s smiles brighten up the darkest day and a smile is never far from his face. He is truly a people person and our sociable little guy. He loves to cuddle and read stories. Most of all, he loves us – and we love him. Happy birthday, dear Nathan!

Note: Obviously, it’s Nathan’s birthday today but mine falls already next week. It’s also Holy Week and Spring Break in our house. For all of those reasons, I’m taking some time away from blogging this week and will be back again as usual next week. I pray you all have a blessed Holy Week and a joyful Easter celebration! 

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    1. Thank you, Emily! It’s nice when a (former) teacher is married to a teacher so we both get Spring Break together! One of the perks…in addition to summer vacation, of course! A blessed Easter to you and your family as well! This is Caleb’s first Easter, isn’t it? Nathan was just 3 weeks old last Easter, so it will be a different celebration for us as well.

    1. Thanks, Teresa! It’s hard to believe our baby is 1! Or as my husband likes to say, “He’s half-way to 2!”

  1. Happy Birthday both of you beauties! May you have have a blessed week/break/birthdays and may God’s almighty LOVE permeate your hearts!

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