July Grocery Shopping & Some Quick Questions

As you read about in our official house update, July was a crazy month for us. We were in the midst of selling our house, moving and had two quick vacations to Wisconsin (with college friends) and southern Indiana (for a family reunion). Honestly? I didn’t pay much attention to our grocery budget last month. Every frugal shopper has to draw the line somewhere and in July? That was my line. I shopped when we needed to for the things we needed. And I just realized that I don’t have a single picture of my grocery shopping in July either! It obviously was a different month.

Part of our July expenses came from our time in Wisonsin. There were 10 adults and 8 children (under the age of 4). We all took turns cooking at the large house we had rented for 4 days. It saved us from eating out much at all. Since we were unofficially in charge of hosting this year, we brought more food than the others and we were perfectly fine with that. Andy and I are the type who like to be be prepared and we are happy to do so when it means we get away with friends we only see once a year. There was probably another $80 spent that I didn’t include in our grocery budget (as I took it from vacation money instead) but the rest accounts for our overage in July.

I did glance through my receipts again. There was a lot of water being bought, fresh produce (yay for $1.99/lb sweet cherries) and scoring some $1 deals on Ghiradelli brownies and Krusteav muffins. Unfortunately, I seem to have missed the $1 blueberry pints this year so my freezer is sad about that. We were given 22 cups of fresh blackberries from a lady at church this past week. I promptly turned that into 20 jars of jam, snacked on some, and froze the remaining 6 cups for baking later.

Here’s the tallies from our July.

  • 7/3 Meijer $61.21
  • 7/7 Kroger $50.51
  • 7/7 Aldi $40.19
  • 7/14 Meijer $34.43
  • 7/25 Meijer $28.03
  • 7/25 Aldi $28.22
  • 7/31 Kroger $82.62
  • July Total – $325.21 out of $260 monthly budget

Yes, we were $65 over budget this July. It happens. It’s the reason I calculate our budget over the course of a year instead of a month because some months are just higher than others. How was your July?

Now, here are the questions. I unofficially took some of June off from posting on the blog and then July flew by as well. We are still attempting to settle into routines here. That said, this blog – and you – have never been far from my mind. I have been doing a lot of thinking about everything. I’m not going anywhere but wanted to ask from some feedback. Here are the three questions I have for you. 

What are your favorite things that I share here on the blog? In other words, what posts do you look forward to the most? Recipes? Grocery shopping? Money saving tips? Real life stories? Personal encouragement? Book lists and reviews? Holiday things? Blogging? Being a sahm? Church work? Other?

Is there anything you wish I would write about more? Do you ever think that I should write more on a certain subject? Have you ever been curious about my take on anything?

Do you have any ideas that you would like me to cover here on the blog? I’d love to hear your ideas about what you would like me to cover here on the blog, because the real reason I’m writing is to share and encourage you!

I would truly love your answers and thoughts on these questions. You can answer them via the survey link here. It’s completely anyonmous and will only take a couple minutes of your time. Will you help me out with your honest feedback? Thanks everyone!


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  1. Kristen love reading your blog! To answer your questions:

    1. What are your favorite things that I share here on the blog? In other words, what posts do you look forward to the most? I love the grocery updates because even when you go over budget you don’t beat yourself up and that helps me to not beat myself up for doing the same thing. I also love your money saving tips (and would love to see more of those). Real life stories keep it well….REAL! Some bloggers never share anything real life. I enjoy seeing photos of your family and hearing about the “news” going on. I also like the recipes (basically most things on the blog already).
    I do enjoy reading your blog and look forward to updates. I read a few/check a few often. Your blog keeps it real and I appreciate that. We are in different stages of our lives but somehow the info you post still connects to me most of the time. I enjoy that!

    Hope you guys are getting settled into your new home!

    1. Thank you so much, Rebecca! You’ve pretty much summed up what most of the feedback has been staying. Stay real. Keep sharing personally. Love the money saving tips and more recipes. Check, check and check! I love that even though we are in different stages of life, I can still be an encouragement. Thank you for being a faithful loyal and reader!

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