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As a blog writer, I’ve discovered many amazing sites over the past year. It’s why I share my stumble links on Saturday because there are so many quality sites with helpful information to share.

One of my favorite sites is Life…Your Way. It covers a variety of topics from Organizing to Decorating to Finances to Food. It’s practical, helpful and inspiring, all at the same time.

Life…Your Way is written by the charming Mandi Ehlman. She has other experts help her write but this is her amazing site creation. Interestingly enough, I started sharing my Saturday Stumbles through one of her previous sites, It’s Come to This. Now I share links with her lovely sister, Staci at Simply Staci.

Recently, Mandi has been sharing interviews with various contributors and readers of Life…Your Way. She was looking for more readers to share and asked for anyone who was interested to email her. After a moment, I decided to email Mandi and see if she would like to interview me about my small, humble site. Within minutes, I heard back from Mandi with a quick yes and the interview questions.

It was an honor to share with Mandi and her readers. It also allowed me to cross something off my 30 Before I’m 30 list…writing for another blog! My interview is featured today at Life…Your Way. Take a look at my answers about Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow.

Thanks again, Mandi, for this opportunity. While you’re there, take at all the wonderful areas of Life…Your Way. I’m sure you’ll learn something new!

If you’re visiting from Life…Your Way, thanks for stopping by! You can read more about me here or perhaps you’d like to learn more how how and why I coupon here. You can also subscribe to my site to receive all my updates here.

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