My 2013 Goals

Can it really be 2013 already? Oh my. Another year has come and gone, and now it’s time to greet a new one. I rang it by celebrating quietly at home with my husband and brother. It was perfect.

For the last two years, I have written about my goals. What would a new year be without goals? You can read about my 2011 and my 2012 goals, if you like. Once again, I met some of my goals and didn’t met some of the others. Isn’t that how it goes with goals? Despite our best intentions, some things fall by the wayside. Other goals come up that we didn’t forsee at the beginning of the year and that’s okay! Yet, we still make goals. It’s good to make goals.

Here are a list of some of my goals for the upcoming year, along with my explanation of why I picked this goal.

1. Continue to read – a variety of books. This is always a goal of mine and one that I have no problem keeping. My goal is to read an average of 10 books a month – whether audio, Kindle, or in traditional book format. Over the course of a year (12 months), this averages out to 120 books. That is my goal for 2013. I want to read 120 books this year. I better get started reading!

2. Read the Bible through in a year. I have made this goal several times and have come close, but never finished. This is the year. My devotions have been scattered as of late, so I need a plan to hold me accountable. I plan to use a “Seasons of Reflection” Bible that we used at church years ago. Like I said, this is the year!

3. Eat healthier. Yes, it’s the standard New Year’s Goal that so many of us make but it’s an important one. My goal is to eat more fruits and vegetables. That’s the primary goal. I always want to try to eat less processed foods. That means I need to get back to the kitchen more and plan ahead more. I’m going to work at using my slow-cooker and cooking from scratch so that we are eating healthier.

4. Walk more. This isn’t a goal to lose weight, persay, but that would be a nice perk! I simply need to get out more to exercise. It’s hard when it’s cold and snowy, so I need to be more active inside, too. This is the year that I’m going to dust off my pedometer on and get walking.

5. Organize my pictures. I haven’t exactly figured out how I want to go about this yet, but I know it needs to be done. I need to print some more of my pictures and get them in albums. I also need to back up all my pictures somehow online. I’m still evaluating the options. Picasa? Flickr? Any recommendations?

6. Start an emergency kit. This is one of those necessary, practical goals that I’ve been researching for a while. If a snowstorm knocks out our power, or a storm comes through like Hurricane Sandy, I want to make sure we are prepared. I want to make sure we have the recommended 3 days of water, as well as candles, matches, flashlights and batteries, to name a few things. I plan to budget $5 to $10 every month to make my kit, and will fill it up gradually. Do you have an emergency kit set aside for your family? I’ll update you periodically as I create my emergency kit, and you can do it along with me, if you like!

Well, there you have it. Those are some of my goals for the upcoming 2013 year. I have the best of intentions, so I will do my best to meet / complete these goals of mine. What goals have you set for this upcoming year?

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  1. We’re trying to figure out how to organize pictures too. I use iPhoto in my Mac. Mike uses picasa which integrates well with Facebook. I think I’ve always worried that I’ll hit my google space max. However, I have a friend who posts a couple hundred photos every month and they’ve never mentioned any trouble. Flickr looks awesome, but I’d need something that helps it integrate well with my computer. If you find out interesting things while you’ll researching please share!

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