My Summer Plans and My To Do List


I won’t be traveling to the beach this summer, but my summer is already filled with wonderful plans. I’ve cleaned out my classroom already, so that’s checked off my list. I have a couple of meetings to attend this week, and then it’s time to start checking things off my summer to-do list.

Since my husband and I are both teachers, we try to make the most of our summers. We travel to see family and to see sights. We work on household projects that get put off because of time and busy school schedules. We plan ahead for the next school year, because a teacher’s work is never done. We sleep in, relax and try to make the most of summer…because it always goes too quickly!

To make the most of my time, while I am more relaxed with my time, I do make a list. These are some of the projects that are most on my mind for this summer. Some are fun and some are practical. Some are travel plans and some are home projects. I hope to accomplish everything on my list – and more! Here’s what I am planning.

  1. Create a gallery wall of pictures in our upstairs hallway. I have the frames. I have the pictures printed. I have the design planned. I just need to do it.
  2. Put up new smoke detectors. Again, I have them but they are still sitting in the Menards bag in which I bought them. It’s past time.
  3. Create a Shutterfly photo book of my Okinawa travels. It’s actually almost finished, but I am debating if I want to add more pages. I have a free photo book that I need to use by the end of June so this is something I need to finish soon. I’d also like to get caught up on some of our other vacation photo books, if possible.
  4. Travel to San Antonio for my youngest sister, Mikaela’s, wedding to JohnDavid. This is the first of our vacations, and we’re counting down the weeks until all the Barzes gather together to add to our family!
  5. Travel to Washington DC with my husband, in-laws and sister-in-law. Last year, it was Boston and New York City. This year, DC and the Civil War sites along the way.
  6. Travel to St. Louis for a college friends reunion. Last year, we hosted and now it’s somebody else’s turn.
  7. Read lots. So far this year, I’ve read 60 books. My Kindle has lots of choices, and I have several review books arriving soon, so I plan to keep reading. It is so nice to have leisurely time to read!
  8. Plan music for the upcoming school year. I like to have a school group sing monthly at church, so I need to choose my dates and music that fits with the Scripture for that Sunday.
  9. Teach a couponing class. I hope it will be the first of many. Do you want to come?
  10. Clean and organize the basement. This wasn’t on my original summer list, but now it’s a big project – and a top priority. As soon as the flood people remove all their equipment, I’ll get to work bleaching the concrete areas. We’re already reorganizing every we moved out of the basement, so that is one step down.

Those are ten items that are on my summer to-do list. What’s on your summer list?

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  1. I’m interested in passing info about your couponing class to lots of youn moms that I know! Keep me posted!

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