No Shopping in May…Yet

I didn’t go shopping this week. I almost did but I didn’t.

I looked at the ads for Meijer and Kroger and nothing really caught my eye. I take that back. Chocolate chips are on sale at Meijer, but since that was the only item on my list, I didn’t deem it worth the gas money.

I didn’t go shopping – and saved quite a bit of money in the process. My husband did stop by Kroger to pick up some groceries for a school party and picked up 2 bags of chips for home. As I requested, he brought home the receipt. The total for 2 bags of Lays chips was $5.

Kroger now has a new ad out with some good deals so I plan to head there after school today. Maybe I’ll make it to Meijer, too, since I’ll be out in that direction. We shall see. I’ll update you when I actually do go shopping…as I always do!

Question. Do you ever have no shopping weeks?

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