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When one begins using coupons, it can be overwhelming. I realize that and understand the challenges there are to coupons. Don’t give up! Ask questions and use the resources that you have at your disposal…including me!

One of the biggest challenges can be (on occasion) redeeming coupons at the store. It is a shame that it can be a challenge to use coupons but the challenge is less when you are aware of a store’s policy on using coupons. If you know the rules of coupons and play by the rules of coupons, then you get the rewards of using coupons – saving money!

I could go on and on about the various policies, but since each store differs on their policies, I decided to provide you with links to several of the main grocery stores and their coupon policies. You can even print off a copy of the coupon policy and stick it in the back of your coupon box for future reference. I have never had to pull it out at the store but it is nice to have it on hand in case I need it.

Here are the current coupon policies for you to reference. Look through the list and see which ones apply to you and the stores where you shop.

Albertsons Coupon Policy

CVS Coupon Policy


Dollar General Coupon Policy

Dollar Tree Coupon Policy

Earth Fare Coupon Policy

Harris Teeter Coupon Policy

H-E-B Coupon Policy

Hy-vee Coupon Policy

Kroger Coupon Policy

Marsh Coupon Policy

Meijer Coupon Policy

Piggly Wiggly Coupon Policy

Publix Coupon Policy

Rite Aid Coupon Policy

Safeway Coupon Policy

Save-a-Lot Coupon Policy

Schnucks Coupon Policy

Shop ‘n Save Coupon Policy

Target Coupon Policy

Walgreens Coupon Policy

Walmart Coupon Policy

I hope these policies make the legalities of couponing easier. I will try to update these periodically as I discover new coupon policies.

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