One Stock-Up Trip & Lots of Meat

I started shopping in October with only one shopping trip to Meijer – where I stocked up on lots of meat. I’m in the process of cleaning out, reorganizing and filling again our upright freezer in the basement. Meijer had some good sales this week so that is where I shopped. Here’s what I bought.

Meijer - 10/1/15 - $73.85

Let’s start with the meat, shall we?

Chicken breasts on the bone were on sale for $0.99/lb. I bought 11 pounds of chicken. I cooked 3 of the breasts for dinner this week but the rest went into my crockpot where it cooked all day. This handy trick saves me so much time – and money! That evening, I shredded all of it and froze it in 2 cup bags. I figured out that this time around 1 (large!) breast equals 1 pound which equals roughly 2 cups shredded chicken. I’m sure those figures won’t always work but this time they did.

Ground beef was on sale for $2.79/lb. Considering my stock-up price is $2.99/lb, I went looking for this sale. I found 80/20 for this price. Then, I turned the corner and found 85/15 for the exact same price! Can you guess which one I bought? I bought 7 pounds of the 85/15 for $2.79! I would have bought more but I still have some hamburger in my freezer from the last sale. I froze 4 pounds and cooked 3 pounds of it. The hamburger I cooked, I divided into 1 pound bags for a later date.

Ritz crackers were on sale for $1.69, as were Triscuits. Belvita biscuits were part of the sale at $1.98 so I bought a box of cranberry orange ones. I had never seen that flavor! Yum. Why so many Ritz crackers? Our MOPS group is doing another freezer cooking session this month and my recipe was requested to be poppy seed chicken again. I’m planning ahead!

I bought 3 bags (15 pounds) of Meijer flour for $1.59 each. At the register, a catalina printed out that NEXT week they are starting a promotion on Meijer baking goods. Oh well. I can always use more flour and will buy more then!

I bought more grapes at $1.18/lb. They are just as good as last weeks – and so big! Nathan and I are really enjoying them. Apples were on sale for $0.59/lb. This is what I’ve been waiting for! I ended up buying 9.91 pounds of apples. Half of them were a mixture of Golden Delicious and Gala for us to eat. The other half were McIntosh to make an apple pie kit or two. I plan to buy more apples next week to make homemade applesauce!

Milk was $2.59/lb. I bought more baking cocoa at $2.69. I also bought a couple canned fruits for Nathan (canned in juice instead of syrup) that were on sale for $1 each.

At Meijer, I spent $73.85 – $30 of which was on meat. I am pleased with all I bought for that price. It also leaves me with $124 of my monthly $200 budget to spend.

Did you find any good sales this week? Did you stock-up on anything for your fridge or freezer?

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  1. our local store has the store brand flour (self-rise & all purp) for $1 a bag I bought bags of each a last week and will be buying more today. It seems ridiculous to pass it up when flour is so expensive.

    1. That’s a fabulous price, Rebecca! I’d be buying quite a few bags at that price, too! It’s a great time to stock-up.

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