Get Something for Nothing with Reward Programs

I love getting something for nothing! Let’s be honest…who doesn’t? One of my earliest frugal living discoveries back in my single days was learning how to make the most of free reward programs.

Yes, some reward programs require you to purchase things to earn rewards. While that is fine and to be expected, there are also several free online reward programs that don’t require you to purchase anything to earn something. That’s a great way to earn something for nothing!


I’ve compiled a list of several free online reward programs that you can join to earn yourself (or your kids) something for free. It may take time to earn a reward but that is the trade-off you make for not spending money. It’s a trade-off I’m happy to make, too! How about you? Here are some of my favorite online reward programs.

Tyndale Rewards

If you are reader – especially of Christian literature – you’ll want to sign up for Tyndale Rewards. They give you points for answering surveys and posting book reviews. Your points can then earn you free books! They have a wide variety of Christian fiction and non-fiction available, as well as children’s books and even audio books. Earn 25 points to get you started when you sign up for Tyndale Rewards here.


Whether you have a child in diapers or not, you can participate in the Pampers Gifts to Grow program. They offer free codes every month via Facebook, Twitter and their newsletter. If you do purchase Pampers diapers or wipes, when you enter at least one code consecitively each month, you will receive a bonus award (or more points) every three months. That’s an extra perk that makes this rewards program one of my favorites. Rewards available include children’s toys, free diapers and free Shutterfly books. This is one of my favorite online reward programs!  Sign up for Pampers Rewards here. 


Huggies diapers also has a rewards program but they don’t release as many free codes as Pampers does. If you use Huggies diapers, feel free to join and enter your diaper codes. Get 50 points when you sign up for Huggies Rewards here. 

Disney Movie Rewards

If you have a movie lover in your family, be sure to join Disney Movie Rewards. You can earn points for every Disney movie you purchase but you can also earn free points via their monthly email newsletter as well as free codes on Facebook. Points can then be redeemed for free Disney movies and countless other Disney merchandise. This makes a great way to earn free movies for your children! Sign up for Disney Movie Rewards here. 

My Coke Rewards

This rewards program is available from all (you guessed it) Coke products. Each bottle cap or box (from a 12 or 24 pack) has a code on it. Enter the codes online to redeem them for free rewards. Even if you only purchase / drink Coke products occasionally, it’s worth joining for the rewards you can get. I have friends and family who save their Coke bottle caps and codes for me. This can be done for any reward program that you join! You’ll be surprised how many people are willing to help you out if you only ask. Sign up for My Coke Rewards here. 

Kellogg’s Family Rewards

Again, this is one reward program that requires purchases but if you already purchase Kellogg’s products (and who doesn’t?), you might as well join. You earn points from purchasing any Kellogg product and your points can be redeemed for coupons or other rewards. This program is currently undergoing some changes on how you earn points so that is taking some adjustment. I (honestly) don’t enter as many points as I used to but I stay active because every other month or so, I seem to receive a code by email for a free Shutterfly product. I love receiving free Shutterfly books, ornaments and magnets – just for being a part of this rewards program. Sign up for Kellogg’s Family Rewards here. 

Old Orchard Juice Rewards

Old Orchard’s reward program is an easy one to join. To earn free points, answer surveys, submit a question or even play games on their website. You can then redeem your points for free rewards such as Old Orchard juice and other merchandise. The juice reward is my favorite, though, because it comes as a coupon that you can redeem at any store for delicious free juice. One or two surveys will earn you a free container of juice. Get 1,000 points to start when you sign up for Old Orchard Juice Rewards here.

Recyclebank Rewards

Recyclebank is an old program but one that makes it easy to earn points. You can answer complete short activities and challenges about recycling to earn points. Points accumulate quickly and can be redeemed for lots of free magazines, coupons, gift cards or a variety of other rewards. If you want free magazines, this is a great rewards program for you! Sign up for Recyclebank here. 

What are your favorite online reward programs? I’d love to add to this list! If you like earning something for nothing, be sure to check out how I earn free gift cards in minutes a day.

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  1. The only one I’ve tried is Huggies, since we occasionally buy them, but I haven’t really earned enough points to get much from it. This is a great list for anyone looking for a few freebies!

    1. Yes, I think Huggies is one of the slower reward systems but I still enter my points, too. Something for nothing is always nice!

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