Reason 112 I’m Thankful to Be a SAHM

As I shared before (reason 84 here), there are so many reasons I’m thankful for the opportunity to be a stay-at-home mom. This season of life continues to surprise me with the challenges and opportunities, so I think it’s appropriate to remind myself – and others – of the blessings of being a stay-at-home mom.

Reason 112 I'm Thankful to Be a SAHM - So many reasons but here's another one!

I have recently been reminded of how thankful I am for the flexibility I have with my schedule. Oh, we have our routines! Grocery shopping tends to happen on Monday. MOPS is most Thursdays. We try to have at least one monthly play date on a Friday morning. Even with that, I can move things around.

I am blessed with the flexibility to schedule my own-part time work. Nathan goes to Grandma’s on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons for a couple hours while I teach piano lessons at school. I teach piano lessons at the house on Wednesday and Friday (just one each day after school).

I have a weekly Wednesday morning meeting for my social media job and Nathan tags along with me for that one. Most of my blogging takes place during nap time. Any custom book orders are written after Nathan goes to bed. It’s busy but flexible.

Even with my various part-time jobs, I love that I don’t have to rush out the door in the morning. Nathan and I can stay in our pajamas for a bit. Ever so occasionally – if we don’t have any errands or piano lessons, we stay in our pajamas all day.

Our days currently look like this.

Every morning, Nathan picks out books, and we lay on the couch together being “cozy” under our blanket, reading together. It’s one of my favorite parts of the day, being cozy with Nathan and reading books together.

We build tents under the slide. We play piano together (and Nathan makes sure he has music just like Mommy when she plays). We go to the library. We draw pictures and use stickers. We shop at the grocery store together.

Playing the piano

Nathan often falls asleep for his afternoon nap, reading books with me on the same couch where we start our days. I’ve been savoring those moments lately, especially with this pregnancy, knowing he won’t be my only one for long! Lately, after he falls asleep in my arms, I take the opportunity to close my eyes and take a 15 minute nap with him. Then, when my arm starts to fall asleep, I move him to his crib and am rested to be productive during his nap time hours.

Nathan loves to help me stir things in the kitchen! He’s not very happy when the stirring is done and it’s time to bake, but he will happily stir for minutes upon end. It’s nice to have a helper in the kitchen, and we practice our counting as we cook together.


Oh, don’t get me wrong! There are still days that seem very long. Sometimes the hours drag by, especially when my husband has a late night basketball practice and doesn’t come home until after Nathan’s asleep.

And there are still plenty of sacrifices Andy and I choose to make so that I can stay at home with our children. It’s hard work making this all work!

That said, I continue to be thankful I’m a SAHM.

What do you love (right now) about being a stay-at-home mom?

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  1. I am so thankful to be a stay at home mom right now because we are so busy. My son has finals going on now and my husband is busy trying to finish things up before Christmas break. I am so thankful I can do the shopping and errands during the day so when they get home at night we can get at least an hour of time together.

    1. I have heard several moms explain that it is just as important to be sahm when the kids are older, due to busy schedules and the like, and I agree! It is our intention for me to stay home as long as possible with our children. I’m glad you are making the most of your sahm years, Julie!

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