Reason Number 84 That I Am Thankful to be a SAHM

Let me start by saying I’m not sure if this is really number 84. It could be 37 or 115 or 271. I’ve lost count. My thankful list for the opportunity to be a Stay-at-Home Mom grows almost daily. This is the latest reason I am thankful.

You see, last week was busy. It seemed busier than usual. We enjoyed having Andy home with us for a day off on MLK Day. We ran a couple of errands together, did a couple things in Andy’s classroom and enjoyed a lunch out at Olive Garden with one of my Christmas gift cards. Nathan enjoyed his first taste of breadsticks, too! Tuesday was a school day for me, which meant Nathan was at his Grandma’s while Andy and I taught. Wednesday saw Andy home again with a surprise ice day. He drove me to my dentist appointment and entertained Nathan, before we came home and baby-sat my cousin’s boys for the rest of the day. Thursday was MOPS in the morning (love those ladies) and school in the afternoon. By Thursday night, we were all worn out and looking forward to Friday. And that’s when it happened. Nathan caught another cold.

I knew it was coming. Last week, the doctor had commented on Nathan’s slight wheezing and named bronchilitis as the diagnosis. He said not to be concerned as long as there was no fever or rapid breathing. That’s what happened. Lots of coughing ensued with this cold before the runny nose started on Sunday. Nathan’s remained (mostly) happy through it all.

Friday was spent cuddling – as was most of the weekend. I knew Nathan wasn’t feeling well when he crawled onto my lap (several times) and laid his head down on my shoulder. He wanted to cuddle – more than usual. He wanted to be held – more than usual. He wanted to nurse – more than usual. He wanted to read books – even more than usual. He didn’t want to eat much. He didn’t want to sit on the floor and play. He tried to sleep but couldn’t. Our good sleeper has not had a good couple nights as a result of this cough. When he did finally sleep, it was on me, limiting my activities but allowing him to breathe and sleep. I snapped this picture as he napped on Sunday morning after church.

Sunday Morning Naps Instagram

I’m thankful that I’m able to stay at home and cuddle my baby when’s not feeling the best. I’m thankful I don’t have to scramble to arrange a substitute so I can do so. I’m thankful we can sit on the couch and read books. I’m thankful we can (both) recover from sleepless nights during the day.

Yes, Nathan still had his cranky, sick moments, and yes, I admit I had my frustrated moments in response. Still, I’m thankful to be just where I am. At home. Taking care of my baby. This is what I need to be doing. This is what I want to be doing. I have several friends who wish they were at home with their babies. On the longest of frustrating days, I remind myself what a blessing it is that I can be home with our baby. I’m also thankful to my husband for his willingness to work hard and sacrifice so this dream of ours is a reality.

And that is reason 84 and counting.

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  1. Yes! It can be so draining when the little ones are not feeling well, but it is so worth it knowing you are there for them and helping them get through it. When I start to feel overwhelmed and frustrated about getting up for the 4th time during the night (Ugh!), I sing. It helps me stay calm and helps comfort Caleb. 🙂 I’m glad Nathan is on the mend!

    1. I sing too, Emily! It’s hard because I know these precious babies can’t help it when they can’t breathe and can’t sleep, but the frustration and tiredness creeps in for us, too. Sigh. Still, I am SO thankful that I can be there for Nathan whenever he needs me!

  2. Oh, I hope your little one is feeling better soon. It’s hard when your child is sick.

    There is worry, sleeplessness and sadness in watching your child struggle with sickness. But it also make for a special bonding time, to be able to hold and comfort your child, knowing that the little things like reading a book or snuggling with mom can make it a little better.

    1. Thanks, Shelly! I think Nathan is finally on the tail end of this cold. And he slept the whole night last night again which which was good for all of us! I am indeed thankful for snuggles and also thankful that his illnesses have been minor colds and coughs…so far.

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