Save Big by Elizabeth Leamy Review

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Once a month, I spend time reviewing a frugal book. It is my hope that I can learn something new – or share something new with you. This month, I read Save Big: Cut Your Top 5 Costs and Save Thousands by Elizabeth Leamy.

The title quickly caught my eye. Who of us does not want to save big? That said, this book was not one of my frugal favorites.

The basic premise of Save Big is this. You should save money on the five big expenses in your life, rather than on all the little ones. While I agree with saving wherever one can, I believe the little areas add up, too.

The five big areas to save, according to Ms. Leamy, are on houses, cars, credit, groceries, and healthcare. This book is set up so you can skim through the areas that are of interest to you.

The grocery chapter was of most interest to me, particularly since Elizabeth says you can save $21,051 , but I didn’t learn much new. Yes, I know to stockpile groceries. Yes, I know how to match prices. Yes, I know to shop on sales. Yes, I know to compare generic prices with name brands. Yes, I know to use coupons. Even knowing this, I do always like reading another perspective on a topic about which I am passionate.

My biggest frustration with Save Big was the fact that it seemed to discredit the little savings. If you are spending extravagently, them this book may help you. For those of us who already have a low interest rate, don’t carry a credit card balance and shop the grocery sales, then there are more encouraging frugal books to read. You can read more of my frugal book reviews for some ideas.

That said, if you are looking for big ways to save, Save Big: Cut Your Top 5 Costs and Save Thousands would be the book for you!

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