Shop Smart, Save More

This month, I read the frugal living book entitled Shop Smart, Save More by Teri Gault. Teri wrote this book to help everyone learn how to shop and save.

The book begins by talking about what is a good sale. This was a great chapter as it reminded me of sale cycles. Good deals almost always come around again! Once you learn the sale cycles (as Teri explained), you can shop smart.

Once you know what your good sales are, you can begin thinking about stockpiling. I worry that there is a bad reputation to stockpiling. Stockpiling is not – should not be – hoarding. Rather, stockpiling is purchasing items at a sale price so you never run out and so you never have to pay full price.

These two chapters were my favorites, especially as Terri laid out the most common deals by months.

The rest of the book focused on cooking in the kitchen. This surprised me. It wasn’t bad but it wasn’t what I was expecting. There were some good recipes included, especially in the slower cooker section.

Overall, this book was just fine. It was a quick read with some good basics. However, I felt like Terri was trying to sell her website (The Grocery Game) too much.

I don’t use The Grocery Game. Simply put, it is a website that compiles the sales and prepares a grocery list for you. While it’s a great concept, I feel that we can do this on our own. Yes, it’s convenient but I’m not willing to shop only at one store and let someone else dictate my shopping. I like the game of it!

That said, this was still a good beginners book. If you have a free afternoon, you may want to pick up Shop Smart, Save More from the library. Right now, Amazon has it priced as a bargain book at $4.45.

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