Shopping on Presidents Day

There is nothing like a day off to be productive and run lots of errands. In the span of 3 hours, for numerous odds and ends, I went to Walmart, Dollar Tree, JC Penney, Payless, Target, Scotts / Kroger, Half Price Books, JoAnns, and Meijer. It’s nice to have the time to check things off my list! Here’s what I bought for grocery shopping.

I started at Scotts (which is the same as Kroger, for those of you not from Fort Wayne). I shopped at a different Kroger than normal, and they had some nice mark-downs up front.

Scotts - 2/18/13 - $5.72

The Crisco Natural oil was marked down to $1.99. My favorite mark-down was the cupcake liners. Since they were valentine colors (red, white, pink), they were 70% off. I got 75 liners for $0.60 each. Since they are solid, I can and will use these for many other occasions. I was excited to get Wilton liners for less than generic liners, since I usually pay $0.99 for those!

The Pepsi Next was free, and the Fritos (to go with chili) were $1.59. The new Peanut Butter French Toast cereal, thanks to a $1.25/1 coupon and sale, was only $0.74. At Kroger, I spent $5.72.

The Del Monte vegetables were actually marked down at Target to $0.50…and they don’t expire until 2015. I checked. At Target, I spent $3.

At Meijer, I stopped by for more Meijer Naturals tomatoes, which were on sale for $0.50 a can. I picked up a couple more groceries too.

Meijer - 2/18/13 - $16.49

Like I said, the tomatoes were $0.50 a can. The ground chuck was $2.99/lb. I bought 2.2 pounds. I bought 10 pounds of potatoes for $2.49. The olives were a (delicious) splurge at $1.49. The wipes were $0.99. The corn was marked down to $1.25. After trying it, I figured out why it was marked down. Neither Andy and I opted to finish it. It was not a good flavor combination.

At Meijer, I spent $16.49. I’m glad I looked at my total because my receipt didn’t print from the self scan check-out.

Finally, I have another dozen eggs waiting in the school refrigerator for me. That adds another $1.50 to my total.

My weekly shopping total was $26.71. This brings my total for February to $129.88. This leaves me with $50.12 to spend in the last week of February.

What did we eat this week, with such limited shopping? On Monday, we ate our steak and potatoes from Valentine’s Day (since basketball games made for a late night). Tuesday, we ate chili from the freezer. I love freezer cooking! Wednesday was soup at church, and Thursday was pasta. Andy’s off to State this weekend (Go Bears!) so I’ll be eating from the pantry again. Do you have any big plans for your weekend?

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  1. You may think those olives were a splurge but compared to the other brand of kalamata olives the Meijer brand is a steal!

    1. I am well aware! I wasn’t sure how they would taste at this price, but they are delicious! I may have discovered my new favorite salty snack. 🙂

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