Simple Ideas to Help Preschoolers Learn their ABCs

Simple Ideas to Help Preschoolers Learn their Letters - Great list by a preschool teacher and mom! Includes a free printable and little prep for all these letter activities!

I’ve been teaching for 10 years now. A decade of teaching, and of that, 7 of those years have been spent in early childhood education. I love teaching young children! One of the questions I am regularly asked as a preschool teacher is how parents can help their child learn the ABCs. I love being asked this question because it means parents are invested in their child’s learning.

When speaking with parents, I try to remember two things. First, parents want practical ideas that will help their child. Second, parents want simple ideas that can be easily implemented – without extra cost.

I believe learning the ABCs can be an enjoyable experience, but it does need to be reinforced at home as well as at school. For that reason, I have developed an ABC handout with a wide variety of activities that can be used in any home to help teach the letters. Every activity I share is a simple and enjoyable one that young children view as a game. Please keep in mind that some children may learn quicker with certain games than others. It is up to the parent (and teacher) to figure out the right approach for their child.

Most of these ideas involve simple things found in the home. I did include one or two ideas with technology aspects because technology (when used correctly) can be a good reinforcement tool. Technology should always supplement actual teaching by the teacher and parents.

Since I know this is a universal question for parents, I have created this free handout with simple activities for helping young children learn their ABCs. Please free to download it and try some of these letter activities. As for teachers, you are welcome to share this handout with your parents, too. I know how nice it is not to have to reinvent the wheel when it’s unnecessary. I hope this handout is helpful to you as well!

Now, go and have fun learning the alphabet with your children! I’d love to hear which of these activities is your child’s favorite!

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  1. These are great ideas, Kristen! I love to give books for baby showers and I will include your list in the gift package. Thank-you!

    1. Agreed, Kimberlee! “Train up a child in the way she should go…” I hope this list is helpful for you!

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