Small December Shopping Trips

Confession time. I had an ambitious goal of planning my menus for the entire month of December. It seemed like a good idea because this is a busy month but I ran out of time this week. I planned menus for when my sister visits with her family this weekend but that is as far as I got. I’m thankful that I have a stocked freezer because I planned menus based on all the meat that is in the freezer. Oh, yes. Stockpiling is truly a money saver!

I started at Meijer and used $10 of Mperks rewards to purchase the following.

Meijer - $12.50 - 12/5/16

I needed popcorn and karo syrup to make a big batch of caramel corn this weekend. I decided to give that to my piano students as their treat after our Christmas piano recital on Sunday.

I also picked up paper plates that were on sale for $3, and Luvs diapers. The diapers were on sale for $5.99 and I used an Mperks coupon to take the price down to $3.99.

At Meijer, after my $10 Mperks rewards, I spent $12.50.

After Nathan took his penny ride on Sandy the horse, the kids and I headed down the road to Kroger to buy the following.

Kroger - 12/5/16 - $15.74

I picked up my two freebies – Planters peanuts and a package of Craisins. I’m loving the 25 days of Kroger Christmas digital coupon deals!

I also picked up a couple more of the mega deals. They only had one package of the cherry craisins…so I’m going to keep checking because $0.99 is an amazing deal! I did pick up four more packages of the Fleishman’s cornbread. This is, hands down, the best cornbread I’ve discovered yet. I also bought a package of Comforts diapers for $3.49.

I bought Quaker oatmeal for $1.49 and earned $1 at Ibotta. I bought Dannon yogurts for $0.30 each and earned $0.50 at Ibotta. I also bought Chex cereal for $1.99 a box, after sale and a $1/2 printable coupon, and earned another $1 at Ibotta. It’s the reason Ibotta is the main coupon app, I use. Oh, and if you haven’t signed up yet, you get a $10 bonus when you sign up here and redeem your first  rebate!

At Kroger, I spent $15.74.

I spent $28.24 on groceries this week, which wasn’t very much. That brings my total for December to $86.66 out of my monthly $240. Hopefully I’ll finish my menu planning for the rest of December and do a big shopping trip next week. Have you ever planned a whole month of menus at a time?

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