Summer To-Do Lists

How is it already nearing the end of July? Where has our summer gone? I think this summer has gone faster than when I was teaching and that is really saying something!

July ended up being an unexpected quiet month on the blog. I was on vacation again and I know many of you were too so I didn’t blog nearly as much as I anticipated. I’m still here and gearing up to resume blogging full-swing come August! So you can see what’s been keeping me busy, here’s a couple lists to show you how I’ve spent my July…with a couple Instagram pictures thrown in, too.


Things I’ve Already Done:

  • Traveled 3800 miles as a family
  • Traveled to Michigan for a long weekend getaway with college friends and their families
  • Traveled to Michigan to meet our new niece
  • Traveled to Michigan again to see my extended Barz family for the day
  • Hosted my parents for 48 hours
  • Organized my kitchen pantry
  • Cleaned out the refrigerator
  • Had professional pictures taken of the kids
  • Celebrated our 7th anniversary with a kids free lunch date
  • Finished our Smoky Mountain vacation photo album
  • Finished Emma’s baptism photo album
  • Wrote 4 guest posts for various blogs
  • Primed Nathan’s bedroom
  • Met with our financial adviser for a yearly check-up
  • Completed the library reading program with both the kids (and myself, too!)
  • Picked and froze blueberries
  • Baked lots of zucchini bread

Emma and one of our zucchini's from the garden

Things I Want to Do Yet:

  • Go on another family trip to the zoo
  • Paint Nathan’s bedroom
  • Organize Nathan’s new room
  • Switch Nathan to his big boy room
  • Move Emma upstairs to the crib (once Nathan’s moved out)
  • Organize both kids clothes and closets
  • KonMari my clothes
  • Blog plan for the next couple months
  • Bake with all the zucchini our garden is producing
  • Can salsa (if the tomatoes are as plentiful as our zucchini)
  • Schedule piano lessons for the upcoming year
  • Help Andy in his classroom for a day (or two)
  • Finish my pregnancy photo book
  • Choose new flooring for the kitchen, bathroom and Nathan’s bedroom
  • Get flooring installed
  • Get rid of our old freezer and put in the new (to us) freezer
  • Finish reading my food photography book

Nathan picking blueberries for the first time

Things I’d Like to Do…but Realize They Probably Won’t Happen:

  • Write a dozen custom books to restock my supply
  • Submit another 2 guest posts to blogs
  • KonMari everyone’s clothes
  • KonMari my books
  • Work a month ahead on the blog
  • Update (at least) ten photos of recipes on the blog
  • Finish our 2015 family photo book
  • Try selling some things on Craigslist
  • Clean out the attic
  • And so on and so on and so on…

The truth is that I’m always ambitious with my to-do lists. I always have lofty summer goals but don’t accomplish nearly as much as I hoped.

That said, as I looked back over the lists, I realize we have accomplished quite a bit! Add in all the day to day playing and reading books and play dates with friends and it’s been a good summer.

How is your summer going? And as I gear up for the fall of blogging, are there any topics you’d like to see me cover on the blog?

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