The Little Book of Big Savings

Once a month, I am going to share a book review with you. At this point in time, I intend that it will be on the first Wednesday of the month. If I read more than one good book a month (which I often do), I may share more than one review because books are one of the things that help me to joyfully thrive!

Whenever I share a book review, I will include the book information on my Amazon sidebar. I’m not suggesting you have to buy the book although if you’d like, Amazon does have some good deals. In the interest of being upfront with everyone, I do get a small percentage from Amazon anytime someone purchases anything via my Amazon link. If you’d like to do so, feel free, but you can certainly check these books out from the library as well. That said, here is my first book review for you.

Ellie Kay is one of my favorite financial writers. She gives excellent, practical advice from a Christian perspective. As the mother of seven children who stayed at home while her husband served in the military, she has lived the advice that she gives.

I won the The Little Book of Big Savings: 351 Practical Ways to Save Money Now""The Little Book of Big Savings from Ellie after suggesting a question for her morning news segment. You can see the video of her answering my question on Good Morning America here. I was thankful for her advice and thankful for the book.

The Little Book of Big Savings: 351 Practical Ways to Save Money Now""The Little Book of Big Savingsis an easy to read book. Ellie shares 351 practical ways to save money. The book is divided into twelve topics of saving – Housing and Utilities, Transportation, Food, Clothing and Dry Cleaning, Recreation and Entertainment, Vacations, Gifts, Medical and Insurance, Furniture and Appliances, Education, Everything Else and Sharing.

Each chapter begins with a 12-minute tip. If you do these tips alone, Ellie believes you can save thousands of dollars. The rest of each chapter is filled with bulleted ideas of other simple ways to save big. While some of the ideas are simple, some are more involved. All of the ideas can and will save you money. Here are a couple of the hints Ellie includes in her book.

“Drive the car you have now for a while longer. The least expensive car you can own is usually the “paid for” car you’re driving right now.” (p. 38)

“You don’t have to sacrifice by never buying brand-name products…Savvy financial planning means choosing everyday items that give you more bang for your buck.” (p. 55)

“Buy Christmas paper, bows, cards, decorations and non-perishable gifts on December 26. Think about those items that will store well and invest accordingly. One season I bought enough (incredibly cute) gift bags (at 90 percent retail) to last five years! My entire gift bag investment was only $10.” (p. 113)

“With any buy-one-get-one-free deal (especially canned and boxed goods) – or when you combine coupons and store sales to get an item for pennies or for free – consider sharing these goods with a local food pantry or a family in need.” (p. 174)

The Little Book of Big Savings: 351 Practical Ways to Save Money Now""The Little Book of Big Savings is a great resource that can and will help you save money. This book is for anyone who wants to discover practical ways to save money.

This is a book to check out from your library or buy your own copy to read. As I said before, I’ll include a permanent link on my Amazon sidebar, if you’d like to see what deals you can find there.

I hope that you will enjoy getting acquainted with Ellie Kay. I hope you learn as much as I do from her financial advice. I’ll be reviewing more of Ellie’s books in the future!

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