Turning Around a Rough Day

Oh my. Nathan and I had quite the day on Friday. It started out just fine. We were at home for the day which is always nice. I had agreed to baby-sit a teacher’s son for the morning and he played with Nathan very nicely. Well, as nicely as a 1 and 2 year old can play together!

My usually cheerful little boy, on the other hand, was quite grumpy. Nathan has officially entered the stage of whining when he doesn’t get his way. Sigh. I spent the morning running interference between the boys and trying to keep them both happy. Nathan was clingy and whiny the whole morning.

We’re transitioning from two naps to one but Nathan decided he didn’t want to nap at all on Friday! He took a power 15 minute morning nap and then fought me for an hour and half on his afternoon nap. I tried everything! We read stories, cuddled together, got up for a bit and laid down again, rocked…nothing worked. Naptime, as all you fellow Moms know, is my one time of day to accomplish things without an extra pair of hands pulling at me. This day was become longer by the minute.

By mid-afternoon, Nathan was now exhausted and still whiny. I had developed a headache and was about at my wit’s end. This day which had started out nicely had worn me out. It was, simply put, a rough day. I didn’t want the day to continue like that because I didn’t want to be grumpy back to Nathan. Who ever wants a grumpy day? I resolved to turn my rough day around.

I started by texting my husband and telling him (briefly) about the rough day. Andy, sweetly, replied and said he’d use a gift card and bring home a pizza for dinner so I didn’t have to cook. He also said he’s take Nathan for a bike ride so I could have some peace and quiet. That gave me something to look forward to.

Next, I took some ibprofuen for my headache, poured myself a Diet Coke and ate (some more) chocolate. I am a firm believer that chocolate helps any situation!

I quickly prayed for some patience and picked up Nathan again for some cuddles. We sat together on the couch and read some more books. He momentarily ceased his whining and I was able to appreciate the moment we had – without thinking back about the rough day.

Shortly after, Andy arrived home with the pizza and took Nathan off my hands for a bit. The peace and quiet was lovely. They were back sooner than I expected because our tired baby had been lulled to sleep by the bike ride. Here’s the picture I shared on Instagram.

A Tired Boy on His Bike

I was able to smile at the sweetness of the moment as I lifted Nathan out of his bike seat and got him into his pajamas for bed. Sometimes night comes just when you need it most. Now I had a sleeping baby, a quiet night to work, and a wonderful husband keeping me company. My rough day had been redeemed.

All it took was some determination on my part, a quick prayer, some chocolate and an appreciation for the gifts of the day I had been given. I don’t like grumpy days but they are a good reminder that I can always choose thankfulness. Have you had a rough day recently? How do you turn those days around?

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  1. It’s always so nice when the husband can help take a burden off your shoulders! At least the end of the day was much better. I don’t get headaches often, but the past two nights I’ve been getting them and the first one was so bad I couldn’t do anything. So I know it was probably really hard to handle your son in that moment. What an adorable picture of Nathan sleeping! I just love watching a sleeping child.

    1. Husbands can be such a blessing – especially when they are so willing to care for their children, when we need them. I need to remember to ask more! Ick. I don’t get headaches often either so I feel your pain! I hope you were able to sleep better last night, Charlee!

  2. Yes, chocolate (or ice cream) are just what is needed for rough days! I had one of those days recently too. When my husband came home, I boo-hooed about my awful day. He simply said, “All moms have bad days.” and gave me a little break by taking care of Caleb while I laid down. Aren’t understanding husbands great?!

    1. Awww, that is so sweet! I know that I am much harder on myself than my husband ever is on me. When I start listing off the things I didn’t get done, he reminds me that taking care of Nathan is a full-time job. Thanks for reminding me I’m not alone in having rough days as Mom!

  3. Ah, some days are definitely like that…my morning started out bad too, but I think this afternoon it will be better, especially once my kids get their nap in!

    1. I hope the naps helped – for all of you! A good nap time really can make or break the day, I quickly learned. 🙂

  4. I am so glad you could turn your day around! When my son was little I watched another little boy everyday too. They were the best of friends, most of the time. Whenever I would start to get frustrated or a headache, I would load them in the car and take them to Mcdonalds play place. They would happily play and I would get a small fries and coke. It was totally worth the $2 to get some relaxation.

    1. That’s a great idea, Julie! I’m learning that being a Mom means being creative. We go for lots of walks when my son gets tired and grumpy. He loves being out in the stroller and I get my exercise. It helps the time go more quickly until Daddy comes home, too! 🙂

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