7 Ways I Saved in November

7 Ways I Saved in November

As most of you know, I have tried to get into the habit this year of looking back to recognize different ways I am saving money. November found me traveling lots but I used quite a few gift cards. That was a nice way to save on expenses! Here are 7 ways I saved in November.

I used a $10 off $10 Kohl’s coupon to shop the clearance. I bought myself a pair of nice black sandals (90% off) and a long-sleeved shirt for Nathan (60% off), and spent only $2.12 after the coupon. Plus, I had a gift card that covered the $2.12 so I didn’t spend anything out of pocket.

I asked about a coupon at Payless and the cashier gave me 20% off. I was glad I said something about not having a coupon and that the cashier was in a nice mood to give me a discount! Just by asking, I was able to save $5.

I used gift cards to buy some toiletries for free at Amazon. I love using Bing and Swagbucks so I can shop for free at Amazon. When I see a really good deal on Amazon, I can take advantage of the savings (and convenience) of online shopping. I was thrilled to get Venus razor blades for less than $1 apiece, too!

I redeemed a $10 off $10 LL Bean gift promotion plus free shipping. I scooped out the clearance and found a little practical emergency preparedness item for my husband for Christmas. Since it was already on clearance and I didn’t have shipping, I saved $19 and paid only $4.99 from my Paypal account – where I recently had some of my earnings from Giving Assistant deposited.

I booked a rental car online and paid for it ahead of time. By doing so, I saved $15 on my rental car for the long weekend I was traveling in Nebraska.

I used a gift card to buy Starbucks hot chocolate as we waited in the O’Hare airport. I figured it was time for a treat for being pregnant and flying solo on 6 different flights with a 19 month old. I’m not a coffee drink but the gift card allowed me to splurge on airport prices. The hot chocolate was delicious, too!

I redeemed the recent 30% Amazon coupon and bought Nathan a new hardcover book for Christmas. Nathan really enjoyed number 16 from this Christmas list of books when we borrowed it from the library, so we’ll add it to our collection this year. The book was actually marked down already and then I used the coupon and gift cards to pay for it, so I didn’t have to spend anything out of pocket again. Again, I love saving my Swagbucks earnings to spend on gifts like this!

What did YOU do to save money in November? Any money saving ideas for December?

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  1. I’m very impressed with your moxy in asking for a coupon at Payless. I never would have thought of that! (Note to self; Try this later!) Great savings this month.

    1. Thanks, Sarah. I’m getting bolder at things like this if it will save us money. It’s still not second nature, but I’m getting braver! 🙂

  2. Since I hosted Thanksgiving this year and made most of the food, I saved money by price matching as many of the products as I could at Walmart and by buying things each week under my weekly budget. That way I didn’t have to buy everything all at once. I was also able to stock up on baking supplies for Christmas, so I don’t have to buy it this month, and it all was incorporated into last month’s budget.

    1. Great way to save, Katie! This is the best time of year to stock up on baking supplies. I’ve been doing that too and will continue to do that as long as my budget and the sales allow. And I agree…it’s always nice when expenses for this month are already covered by last month’s budget.

  3. I saved money in November by staying in my pj’s on the weekends (except for church) and by doing this not going anywhere. I didn’t even grocery shop we ate from the food we already have. I didn’t spend a dime! I was proud of myself. I won’t be able to do that so much this month with all the Christmas parties we have and our daughter’s 18th birthday on the 15th. I will try to be conservative though about spending!

    1. Good for you, Rebecca! Staying home really does save money. I’m planning ahead for all our Christmas parties as well. At least by planning head, we can buy the food / baking items we need when they are on sale! Or at least, that is always my hope and plan! 🙂

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