What’s Your Favorite Grocery Store?

What's your favorite grocery store and why? Let's compare notes!

I realize I may be a rarity in this, but I really enjoy going to the grocery store. It is one of the few types of shopping I truly enjoy. Well, that and browsing book stores! When I’m in different places, I like looking at the local grocery store ads and comparing sale prices. I will happily go along on a trip to the grocery store wherever I am. I like to go grocery shopping because I enjoy looking for good deals and checking items off my list. It’s something I must do but I really do enjoy doing it.

For that reason, I was quite interested to see that Consumer Reports released its latest rankings of the national grocery stores. I was curious to see what stores made the list and where they ranked.

Sixty-eight grocery stores across the United States were rated on factors such as produce quality, price of organics, employee courtesy and store cleanliness. Then, overall scores were tallied on a scale of 0 to 100. It is an interesting list! You can read the rankings of the stores here, as shared by All You. After you scan the list, you can read more about the Consumer Report here.

I have never shopped at the top store, Wegman’s, but it does sound nice. Texas favorite, H-E-B, was 13 on the list. I’ve always liked H-E-B and their fresh, in-store tortillas. I was pleasantly suprised to see that Aldi ranked 14 on the list. As people watch their grocery budgets tighter, I think the popularity of Aldi’s is growing. Would you agree?

My favorite stores, in Indiana (and from when I lived in Ohio), are Meijer and Kroger. Meijer ranked 22 and Kroger was 31. Meijer is my go-to store for anything I need on a regular basis. They have good sales and I like their Mperks coupon. Plus, it’s a store where I can get anything I need at reasonable prices. That said, I really like Kroger for their sales. Kroger’s everyday prices are higher than Meijer, but their sales are often better than Meijer’s. For that reason, I shop at both of these stores on a regular basis. It is hard for me to pick a favorite because I shop at these stores for two different reasons. I’d say they were both my favorites!

Reading about the grocery stores made me wonder, what are your favorite grocery stores? Where do you shop and why? Will you share with me – and the others – in the comments? I’m very curious to see if this list is an accurate reflection of our favorite stores!

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  1. I start my shopping trip at Fareway (which is #4 on the list, awesome), they have very good sales and their meat counter can’t be beat. I also really like Fareway for their price matching. I can price match from a store in the next town (15 minutes away), with absolutely no problem; a win-win, sale prices without spending extra gas. Then i go to Aldi, where I get all my baking supplies, unless another store has a better sale price, and my milk ($1.99 per gallon).
    I only get a few sale items at Hy-vee, their prices are the highest in town.

    1. That is absolutely amazing about the price matching at Fareway! I’d be shopping there too with good sales and price matching like that! Aldi’s is great option, too.

  2. I love Publix! ( ranked 2nd) My husband actually works for Publix. It is a great store for BOGO’s and they even take competitor’s store coupons. It is always clean and they sell high quality produce and meat. My other favorite is the local IGA. It is convenient and there are certain items that are always a better price there. I’m like you though and wish there was an Aldi’s close by. My mom loves shopping there in Nebraska.

    1. Interesting, Emily. It’s nice to hear of another grocery store that does well with coupons. Even nicer when your husband works at such a high ranked store. 🙂 Maybe as Aldi grows in popularity (as it seems to be doing), they will build more stores closer to both of us!

  3. I like Winco and Smith’s. I’ve never been to a lot of those stores on that list, but I’d like to go to an Aldi or Publix one day!

    1. I’ve heard good things about Publix, too. I make it to Aldi’s on occasion, but have never been to a Smith’s. It’s amazing how many different grocery stores there are in the United States! All the more reason it’s important to know your stores and their policies so you can save money there.

  4. I shop at Kroger mostly but meijers has a better produce selection. Aldis has great produce price too but it’s farther away so I don’t get there as often as if like!

    1. I agree, Bethany! I’d shop at Aldi more if I could. I stock up when I make it to Aldi’s on occasion. Still, there are good sales to be found at Kroger and Meijer!

  5. I agree with both of these ladies on Aldi’s. I shop there usually once a week. It’s close to my home and I have at times gone back for more produce, because you can’t touch their produce sale prices. I’m always pleased with the quality, surprisingly so! I’ve gotten amazing meat deals too. I just buy them at date and throw them in the freezer for another day. I love Aldi’s!
    I also hit Meijer’s close to weekly. Their sales, with coupons and/or mPerks are usually good enough to warrant a weekly trip.
    I am blessed to have several major stores within 5 miles of my home. I have Meijer’s, Target, Walmart, Aldi’s, 2 (Expensive!) grocery stores and a Walgreens! There are some weeks it’s worth the time to hit them all, sometimes for just a few things, except for the grocery stores.

    1. Wow. You do have a lot of choices, Christina! How wonderful to have those bargain choices. If I had an Aldi’s closer, I would shop their more regularly as well. Meijer’s sales and Mperks continue to improve and I’m thankful for that. Thanks for weighing in on your favorite stores!

  6. Happy to see that my two favorite stores (Publix and Trader Joes) were 2nd and 3rd on the list. I shop at each on a fairly regular basis.

    1. I’ve heard great things about Publix, Addy, and would like to shop there sometime. I visit Trader Joes on occasion when I visit my brother in St. Louis. However, since that’s a 6 hour drive, I don’t shop there often!

  7. We have Wegmans! (well, within a 20 minute drive) It is very nice, but again like all stores you have to know your prices. Anything their brand is really good, which helps, but we don’t usually buy meat there, the prices are higher than other stores and often convenience packed, ie: ready for oven, so really expensive. The produce quality is really good, but often doesn’t compete with Aldi’s prices. We shop at Aldi’s every week for dairy and some produce and we notice it gets busier every week.

    1. Thanks, Barb! I like hearing about Wegman’s from someone who shops there. Like you said, it is so important to know your stores and your prices! Yours is the second vote for Aldi’s. I wish we had one closer to where we lived. When I do make it over there, I’ve also noticed that it’s getting busier. People are learning what a great store it is!

  8. Aldi is my favorite store, not just because of the prices. I love that it is small enough I can get in and out quickly. Plus they don’t have a large selection, so I don’t spend my time checking prices, etc.
    After Aldi my next choice would be Meijer. Their produce selection is fantastic and I like their pharmacy better than Kroger. I agree with you, you can find a lot of great deals at Kroger, but everyday prices are probably better at Meijer.

    1. That’s a good point, Julie. Aldi does make it easy to get in and out quickly. I like their low prices but it is nice to get the low prices quickly. I just wish I had Aldi’s closer.

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