Simple Savings: Use coupons.

8 - Use coupons.

You knew this savings tip was coming at some point, didn’t you? Coupons are a great source of savings! Paper coupons, digital coupons, online coupons…there are so many coupons!

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Use coupons to save money. I believe coupons are one of the easiest and quickest ways to see dramatic savings – especially in your grocery budget. It doesn’t have to take long! I spend less than an hour clipping coupons and planning my grocery list each week, and generally save at least 50% on my total purchase. It can be done! It is well worth my time to coupon because I always save something! Let me highlight a couple of my favorite ways to use coupons to save money.

Use coupons at the grocery store. You don’t have to get the Sunday paper to get coupons anymore. Now, you can print coupons online and clip digital coupons.

Kroger has digital coupons as does Meijer with their Mperks. Even Target has printable coupons as well as digital ones with Cartwheel. For more on grocery store coupons, you can read my coupon series. Even better, check out my notes from a recent coupon class I taught at MOPS.

Use coupons when you shop online. Start by searching through TopCashBack or Ebates when you shop online. Both are rebate programs that give you a certain percentage back when you shop online. I use TopCashBack more but still use Ebates on occasion. Then, always make sure to do a quick search for online coupon codes before you check out! I’m often pleasantly surprised how many times I can find a coupon for free shipping or a discount on my purchase.

Use coupons when eating out or shopping around town. The newspaper often has coupons for restaurants, as do entertainment books. When in doubt, again, do a quick online search and see what coupons your search yields. As for shopping out, Kohls and JC Penney regularly release coupons to use when shopping at their stores. Michaels. Hobby Lobby and JoAnn’s have weekly 40% off coupons.

In summary, look for coupons before you shop. Or, in other words, wait to shop until you have a coupon! How else do you use coupons to save?

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  1. You’ve got so many great ideas in this series, Kristen! I’m a bit behind, but I’m definitely going to be checking out your posts for more money saving inspiration as we walk through unemployment. 🙂

    1. Thank you, Joy! I hope that you find some tips to help you save a bit more. I’m praying that God will open a door for a new job soon.

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