Nathan @ 7 Months

Nathan is 7 months old already! I’ve realized when writing these monthly updates, it is a challenge to keep details straight. Even though he’s 7 months now, I’m recording things he did last month. Here’s our sweet little boy with his 7 month picture that I took.

Nathan @ 7 Months

This month, we planned for a surprise 40th anniversary for my in-laws. My husband and all his siblings worked together to make this happen, but since I was the one at home, Nathan and I did a lot of the little details. Nathan liked the new drink bins we bought! I decided they could make a nice summer wading pool for him.

Nathan Getting Ready for our Surprise Party

In addition to spending his weekly time with his Whirrett grandparents, Nathan also spent time with his Grandpa Barz. My Dad flew to Indiana for a long weekend to serve as chaplain at a Doxology weekend. He tacked an extra day onto his travels so he could stay with us before and after. We read books, had a cook-out and even went for a brisk morning walk together with the stroller. It’s always good to see my parents!

Nathan and his Grandpa Barz

Nathan continues to be a good eater. He eats everything I put in front of him! The orange foods (carrots, squash and sweet potatoes) are favorites, as are the pears and apples. Nathan tried egg yolk from a hard boiled egg this month and really liked his first protein! We also just started Cheerios. He can’t pick them up himself quite yet but eagerly eats the ones we put in his mouth.

Nathan loves to eat!

We’ve had a gorgeous Fall here in Indiana with relatively warm days. Nathan and I were able to take our daily walks until just recently when the rain and cold temperatures arrived in full force. We finally got a picture of him in the leaves at his Great-Grandma’s house. Nathan wasn’t really sure what to think of these crunchy things that we put him in – but it makes for a nice picture!

Nathan in the Leaves

It was a cold and rainy day for Nathan’s first Halloween. His friend, Kate, loaned him her pumpkin costume that she wore last yesterday. Nathan dressed up and we went to visit Daddy at school. He skyped with his cousins in North Carolina so they could see his costume, too. Isn’t he a cute little pumpkin?

Mommy & Nathan Pumpkin

Nathan is so close to crawling! He moves backwards regularly, but just can’t quite figure out what to do with his arms just yet. He now weighs 18 pounds, 9 ounces – up almost 2 pounds in 1 month! Also, Nathan has two teeth now! He got his first tooth days before he turned 7 months, and his second one popped through four days later. Of course, he caught a cold as a result so we’ve had another rough week of sleep. It’s so hard when he just can’t breathe clear enough to sleep soundly! Thankfully, he’s still been a happy baby, regardless of lack of sleep. 7 months, here we are!

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