Amish Prayers

Prayer is a wonderful gift. Prayer is the way we converse with our Heavenly Father.

Sometimes, when I am praying, the words pour out of my heart. Sometimes, I  praying with the words of others. A prayer book is a helpful devotional tool in those times.

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I recently read the book of Amish Prayers as compiled by Beverly Lewis. This book contains excerpts from the German Prayer Book “Die Ernsthafte Christenpflicht” published in 1708.

All of the prayers are accompanied by Scripture with many delightful Amish pencil drawings scattered throughout the book.

I will note that these prayers are written in the Amish / Anabaptist faith. As a Lutheran, I did note a couple minor theological differences. That mentioned, these prayers are beautiful conversations with our Lord.

Here are a couple of my favorite Amish prayers.

“O Lord, awaken in us a hunger and thirst for you and your righteousness. Teach us to act according to your will, for you are our God.”

“O Lord, Almighty God and Heavenly Father, you who know and recognize everyone’s heart and failings, I ask you to help and comfort me during my great distress. Forgive me my sins and misdeeds, which I have committed against you in word or deed, action or omission, knowingly or unknowingly.”

“We faithfully ask you, O Holy Father, to give us grace so we might raise our children in true Christian virtues, indeed, so we might set them a good example in learning, life, and behavior.”

“Dear Holy Father, have mercy on us, just as a loving father has mercy on his children.”

These Amish Prayers are both thoughtful and beautiful. I have been thankful for these prayers in my devotional life.

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