The Christmas Promise

If you are looking for a special Christmas storybook to read with your children about the true story of Jesus’ birth, read The Christmas Promise book. It is sure to become a beloved family favorite every Christmas!

I absolutely love children’s books – and I especially love children’s Christmas books! We have a tradition of giving our children (and godchildren) a hardcover Christmas picture book each year, to build their own Christmas library.

It can be difficult finding the perfect Christmas books. I tend to chose the books that focus on the reason for the season – Jesus’ birth. I have built quite a collection of these books, now numbering over 25 so I can read a Christian Christmas story every day of December.

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A couple years ago, I discovered The Christmas Promise by Alison Mitchell and I fell in love with it. I added it to our collection and bought copies for all our children. In fact, it was the new book I gave each of them just last Christmas.

This Christmas storybook beautifully tells the story of Jesus’ birth – from the angels visiting Mary and Joseph, to the manger and shepherds in the field, and the wise men appearing at the house where Jesus lived. I am always happy when I see a storybook that correctly has the Wise Men at the house. It is so frustrating when books show them at the manger, which is clearly not what the Bible says. The Christmas Promise gets it correct! It makes the connection that Jesus came to be our King and that is the most important part of Christmas.

There is something so special about The Christmas Promise book. Alison Mitchell wrote the story beautifully, and the illustrations by Catalina Echeverri are really eye-catching – especially to kids.

But as much as I love The Christmas Promise book, there was something missing.

For years, I have wanted to find a beautiful Christmas storybook where I could add the Scripture verses from Luke 2 inside the book. I want my kids to truly know the Christmas story – not just the paraphrase.

You see, I’ve been adding Bible verses to “Oh, the Places You’ll Go” for a decade now. It is a wonderful graduation gift, and I have given it to so many people. I know people who give it for confirmation gifts, and adoption gifts too. (I have developed many other custom books like this too, where I add Bible verses to a special children’s book.)

For many years, I have been wanting to create a Christmas book with Bible verses added – and I am excited to finally share it with you! It is the Christmas Promise!

Now, we have a beautiful paraphrase story with the actual words of Scripture written right inside the storybook! You can enjoy the picture book and read the Scripture account of Jesus’ birth at the same time.

I used the Luke 2 Scripture account, as well as Matthew 1 and 2. I needed to use Matthew to include the angel appearing to Mary and Joseph, as well as the account of the Magi. The Bible verses are written within the pictures of the story in a way that enriches this story.

The pictures can explain better than my words. Here are some pages from the book.

Or how about this page with the shepherds? I tuck the Bible verses into the illustrations so it blends nicely.

Here’s the Wise Men page that I mentioned.

I have fallen in love with this Christmas book, and am SO excited to share it with others! I know reading The Christmas Promise book will become a Christmas tradition in our family. Would you like it to be a tradition for your family as well?

If so, I have two options for you.

I write and sell copies of The Christmas Promise in my Etsy shop. You can purchase a brand new hardcover copy of Alison Mitchell’s book – with a Bible verse handwritten by me on every single page. The Bible verses are written in acid free pen so they will not smudge or fade for years to come.

You can see more pictures about the book, and get all the details in my Etsy shop.

You can purchase The Christmas Promise book here.

I chose to write the Bible verses in ESV – the English Standard Version – because that is the version we use the most, both at home and our church. If you want to use a different version, here is how!

If you want to create this book yourself – or in a different translation, I also sell a download of all the verses I used to create this special book. It includes the beginning words of each page, as well as the Bible verse I wrote on each page. I also included 5 different Bible verse translations so you can write the book in the translation you prefer.

You can purchase The Christmas Promise download here.

I pray this new Christmas Promise book is a blessing to many. I hope that it draws many closer to Jesus as we celebrate His birth!

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  1. The wise men at the manger bothers me too. 😆 So I’m glad you found such a pretty (and accurate) book to share! I’m also excited to see you put another custom book into the world. Great job, Kristen!

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