An Honest Look at Frugality

An Honest Look at Frugality - Living frugally is hard work! I love this honest perspective on it.

These past couple weeks have been difficult ones for frugal living and so I’ve been (once again) taking an honest look at frugality. We’ve been looking at our budget and bills and trying to plan ahead for upcoming trips and expenses. Yes, we’ve been saving and planning and have some money set aside, so it’s more than that. I’ve just been reminded that it’s hard work to live frugally. 

Some days, I don’t want to clip coupons or menu plan. Some times, I want to go out spontaneously without making sure we have a gift card. I’d like to be able to tackle house projects without planning and saving for months. I want to be paying off our mortgage faster and investing more in our retirement.

We’re frugal but – honestly – it’s not always fun! That said, I will keep being frugal even on the hard days for a simple reason.

Read my guest post at Living Well, Spending Less for the rest of my honest take on frugality.

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