How to Make Money with Vitality Rewards

As I talk to Lutheran teachers and church worker friends around the country, I am continually amazed by how many people are not using Vitality rewards through the Concordia Health Plan. Vitality is an excellent perk of our Concordia Health Plan! This post is for you – all my fellow Lutheran church workers! (If you are not Lutheran but your company also uses Vitality, then this post still applies to you as well.)



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If you aren’t enrolled in Vitality yet, I want to explain how and why you should get it set up so you can learn how to make free money with Vitality rewards.

If you are already enrolled in Vitality, I want to explain some of the hidden ways you can earn Vitality bucks for extra earning potential.

Last year, my husband and I earned $350 in Amazon gift cards and this year, we have already earned $400 in gift cards (with 3 months left in the year). These gift cards allowed us to purchase our new Sauder computer desk and entertainment stand – for free! What a blessing! If you are interested in learning how to earn free Amazon gift cards, then you need to sign up for Vitality.

What is Vitality?

Vitality is a wellness program used by various insurance companies (like Concordia Health Plans) to promote a healthy lifestyle among their workers. Vitality rewards its members for preventative care measures and improving the quality of their health. Vitality is an optional program with incentives for workers who choose to participate. If you are a member of the Concordia Health Plan, you can participate in Vitality.

How does Vitality work?

Vitality is actually a simple program – once you start using it. Vitality can be summed up in three simple points.

1. You earn points for making healthy choices. 

You earn Vitality points for doing things you already do (or should do) – like getting annual screenings, walking, exercising and buying healthy food. The more you do, the more points you can earn. 

2. You redeem your points for rewards.

As you accumulate Vitality points, you can redeem them for gift cards from places like Amazon, iTunes, REI, Nike, and Fandango. You can also use your points to buy various Fitbit, Garmin or Polar devices.

3. You live healthier. 

The purpose behind Vitality is to encourage all church workers to make healthier choices. The program was originally called “Be Well, Serve Well”. By focusing on preventive care and healthy living choices, the hope is that we will not need as many costly insurance benefits – so it is a win for everyone.

How do you earn money with Vitality?

You earn money by earning points at Vitality. You can earn points for:

  • Assessments – Health, Mental Well Being, Physical Activity and Kids Health Review
  • Screenings – Yearly (free) Vitality Check through Quest Diagnostics
  • Physical Activity – Fitness Device Tracking, Gym Visits, Sports League Memberships
  • Education – CPR Certification, Online Nutrition Courses, Interactive Calculators, Healthy Articles
  • Healthy Food – Rewards for Healthy Food Purchases at Partner Grocery Stores (namely Walmart)

(Note: All rewards redeemed are taxable fringe benefits and will be reported on your W-2.)

How do I start earning points in Vitality? 

Here are some actual examples and numbers of some of the ways you can earn points at Vitality. Remember, these numbers are possible for both you and your spouse, if they are also covered on the CHP.


Workouts are the absolute easiest way to earn Vitality points. How? Simply sync your Fitbit or similar tracker to your Vitality account and watch your points automatically accumulate. You earn 5 points for a 5k step day, 10 points for 10k step day and 15 points for a 15k step day – each day. You also earn a bonus 50 points for every 10th workout. My 1000th workout recently earned me 1000 bonus points!

The other amazing thing about Vitality? Each registered member gets a $100 credit toward a fitness tracker of their choice – each calendar year. Don’t have a Fitbit? Now you can get a free one – each year! There are always a couple options that will be completely free with the credit, and a couple higher priced ones if you choose to pay the difference. Frugal shopper that I am, I always opt for one of the free Fitbits and have been very pleased. This benefit resets each calendar year so be sure to claim your credit while it is available!

You can also receive a $250 rebate towards a gym membership at the gym of your choosing each year, if you complete at least 50 workouts. That’s another great perk of Vitality!

Vitality Check

Once a year, you can schedule a free health check through a Quest labs near you. It takes less than 10 minutes for them to take some measurements and draw your blood. When the results come back, you are awarded points for completing the assessment as well as if your numbers fall in healthy ranges. You get 125 points each for your BMI, blood pressure, cholesterol and glucose, as well as bonuses of 600-1000 points for each area you fall in the healthy range. My Vitality check this year earned me 3300 points. As you can see, this one activity adds up to quite a few points!

Vitality Reviews

You can earn 500 points for completing a health questionnaire, 225 for completing 3 mental health questionnaires (75 points each) and 250 points for completing a physical activity questionnaire. These health reviews result in 975 points possible. 

You can complete 3 online nutrition classes for 300 points each. These classes are simply reading through material and completing the quiz at the end. You do not need to do one course per week but can read several lessons per week until you complete the course. Completing all three nutrition classes totals 900 points. 

You can also complete 4 interactive tools (75 points each) and 6 decision sets (50 points each). These are easy to read through medical information on a wide variety of topics. These action sets total 600 points possible. 


You receive points for various yearly health screenings and other preventative tasks. Here are the points you can earn for various annual screenings.

  • Dental 200 points
  • Eye exam 200 points
  • CPR Certification 125 points
  • First Aid Certification 125 points
  • Flu Shot 200 points
  • Health Screening 400 points
  • Pap Smear 400 points
  • Blood donation 200 points (Eligible 4 times for a total of 800 points)


Goals are an easy way to earn points each week. You can check in once per week on a goal you set for yourself. Each week you check in, you receive 30 points. If you check in every week, that is a total of 1560 points available.

Bible Study

This is another new and easy way to earn points. Each week, you can submit proof of attendance in Bible class or Bible study for 35 points. If you check in every week, that is a total of 1820 points available each year.

Financial Check Ins

This is another new aspect of the program this year. You can earn points for updating beneficiaries, attending financial workshops or webinars and running retirement projections. These points vary from 50 to 100 points. Some can be done once a year and some can be done 4 times a year.

Healthy Kids

If you have children on your insurance plan, you can also earn points for their immunizations, flu shots, and athletic activities. Look for the section called Healthy Kids for more information on the points that are available for each of these areas.

Healthy Foods

This food program provides an instant 5 or 10 percent rebate on healthy food purchases at Walmart when you sign up for the Healthy Foods program. This is an additional sign up outside of Vitality. In addition to the instant rebate, you also receive points for each healthy food you purchase. They have a predetermined list of healthy foods that are eligible for points and discounts. It includes things like milk, fresh produce, frozen produce, applesauce and apple juice, to name just a few. I have only started using this program this year but it has been a nice way to save an extra $1 or $2 every time I shop at Walmart – and earn points at the same time. The other nice thing is that you and your partner both receive points for the same healthy food purchases. Here is some additional information on the Healthy Foods Program. 

Vitality Squares

Monthly, you can play a quick game to see how many fruits and vegetables you uncover for points. You can earn 10 to 50 points, as well as a chance at a $5, $15 or $500 gift card! I try to check in at the beginning of each month to play the game.

Vitality Wheel

This is one activity where you do need to have the Vitality app on your phone. If you do, your Fitbit will automatically sync and give you various weekly goals to meet. If you meet your step goal, you get a spin on the Vitality wheel for bonus points and free gift cards. This is one area I don’t worry about other than to check in monthly and see if I have any spins waiting for me. It’s worth it simply for the extra bonus points.

Points Recap

As you can see, there are many ways to earn points each month and throughout the year! At the absolute minimum, I suggest completing your Vitality check and redeeming your Fitbit credit so you can sync your Fitbit to your account and earn workout points.

The online classes and reviews are easy things to do in a couple evenings while you watch a show. Check in weekly (or as you remember) with your goals and Bible studies. Check in monthly on the Vitality squares and Vitality wheel for bonus points. Upload preventative activities as you complete them throughout the year.

For those who are interested, each point is worth approximately 1 cent. It may not seem like a lot when you think of a workout earning you only 5 to 15 points (5 to 15 cents) a day, but as you hopefully see, all the points add up quickly. It is also an incentive to complete some of the higher point value activities while letting your Fitbit earn the easy, daily points. A Vitality check worth 3300 points equals $33. Remember, every point adds up to free gift cards for you!

What else do I need to know about Vitality?

Vitality is a program that begins every year – but you can enroll at any time. Your points and benefits reset on December 31 of each year.

You will receive a kick start bonus (10% of the previous year’s points) to start off each new year. In addition, you receive bonuses for completing your Vitality reviews in the first 90 days.

You may redeem your points at any time throughout the year – for a variety of gift cards, starting at $25. Any earned points carry over and do not expire.

There are 4 levels to the Vitality program – Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. You reach those by earning specific numbers of points. Every time you advance to a new level, you are awarded bonus points.

These benefits and points are available to you and your enrolled spouse. Each of you can get the $100 Fitbit, the free Vitality check and receive all the points – if you are both on the Concordia Health Plan. If you are, be sure that you both register! Your accounts will be linked so your points accumulate together. Points can be redeemed only from the primary workers’ account.

How do I enroll in Vitality?

I hope I have convinced you that Vitality is worth the small amount of time and energy for the benefits you get in return.

To join the Vitality program, go to the Power of Vitality login page and complete the first time registration. It is a very simple process to get started.

Remember, you can enroll at any time during the year but the point levels do reset with new point opportunities at the beginning of each new year.

Have questions? Ask in the comments and I will do my best to answer. I’m not a Concordia Health Plan employee but I have used Vitality rewards for several years and enjoy all it has to offer.

Do you use Vitality? If so, what’s your favorite part of the program?

I’d love it if you would share this post with your fellow church worker friends who aren’t yet enrolled in Vitality. Will you help me spread the word about this great program by sharing this post on Facebook, email or Pinterest with those you know? Let’s all work at being well and serving well together!

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  1. This is such an excellent program offered by Concordia plans! It is an easy way to earn money by just being consistent wearing your Fitbit and exercising. I love taking advantage of programs that want to give me money! We almost always cash ours out for Amazon dollars.

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