An Easy Way to Organize Recipes

Do you have lots of recipes? Do you have stacks of cookbooks in your cupboards? Do you browse Pinterest for recipes? Do you have a folder of recipes you want to try? Do you have a recipe box and a stack of recipes you haven’t entered yet? If you answered yes to any (or all) of these questions (like I did), then I have an easy way to organize recipes to share with you.

I love to cook and I love experimenting with new recipes. Of course, I have lots of tried and true favorites as well. My recipes are on recipe cards, on printable pages from the Internet, torn out magazine clippings and tabbed in recipe books. Basically, my recipes are everywhere!

I have been trying to figure out how to best organize all my recipes when I finally stumbled upon this printable recipe binder that Kalyn of Creative Savings created. It is truly an easy way to organize recipes – at last!  

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The printable recipe binder kit is a beautiful and simple tool to help you organize your recipes once and for all.

This is a kit that you can customize and print with all your favorite recipes. It is a digital product. You will get beautifully designed recipe templates for you to fill in. You can print them and them hand write your recipes OR you can type directly in the recipe cards and then print them.


Here is what is included with the printable recipe binder kit. You get:

  • A professionally designed Front Page, Back Cover Page, and Spine
  • 8 Category Dividers
  • Category Divider Tabs {with blank tabs for extra categories}
  • Blank Printable Recipe Cards
  • Grocery Store Staples List
  • Kitchen Conversion Chart
  • Weekly Meal Planning Sheet
  • Company Meal Planning Sheet
  • Favorite Meal Idea Planning Pages
  • 10 Pre-Formatted Printable Recipes of the most popular and well-loved recipes on Creative Savings

There is also a step-by-step Instruction Guide to help you assemble your binder from start-to-finish. Kalyn even included a video about how to quickly type and format recipes. It is very helpful, because I learned I could copy and paste some of my favorite recipes from Pinterest directly onto my recipe cards.


After downloading and organizing your recipes, here is the best thing about this printable recipe binder kit! You are set for Christmas. How?

Thanks to the printable recipe kit, you can choose your favorite recipes and print copies for your daughters, sisters, and friends. You can assemble multiple recipe binders at once and create a unique and useful gift!

Here’s a couple other ideas for how to use this printable recipe binder.

If someone loves a recipe you take to a potluck, go home and print them a copy.

If you’re taking a meal to a new mom, print a copy of the recipe to send along with the meal.

If you want a unique bridal shower gift, create a recipe binder for the bride to be with all your favorite recipes.

It was actually all the additional reasons that encouraged me to start creating my own recipe binder, thanks to the printable recipe forms included in this download kit.

To do this, just make sure you save every card as you fill it in as a separate file on your computer. I created a folder for all my recipes and am slowly working through my recipes to get them organized once and for all.

So, what do you think? Are you ready to organize your recipes once and for all? If so, you can purchase your own copy of the printable recipe binder kit here for only $14.

Any questions? Ask in the comments and I’ll be happy to answer. I’m so glad I found this easy way to organize recipes. Have fun creating your own recipe binder! I know I certainly am!

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  1. Hi Kristen,

    Are you having problems with this program. I can’t seem to get the help (how to input the recipes section) to open for me. It says the website hasn’t been properly deubugged. I will email her as well. Just wondering if you were having the same problem?

    1. Oh, dear, Jackie. No, I didn’t have that problem. Send Kalyn a message. She’s great about responding! And that video was helpful for me!

  2. This looks like a good system. I have kind of a wonky system, but it works for me. I have WAY too many recipes – like I could try a new one every day for the rest of my life and never use all the recipes I have saved! Plus I have over 100 cookbooks. (I love to read cookbooks!) And of course, I keep printing/tearing out more and buying more cookbooks! 🙂

    1. If it works for you, who cares how crazy it is? 🙂 My system works pretty well, too, but I’m excited to just make my main recipes look prettier. Ha. Because like you, I can’t stop saving and trying new recipes, either. I love baking and trying new things!

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